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not fair

March 31, 2006

and i dont care that im acting like a child if thats what it looks like

that argument today was just horrid. and im really having trouble with a few things. that im not being believed, and trusted – i know theres a reason, but it still hurts. especially since i have trusted that person before when i had a reason not to.

the timing – i just give you a gift, a rather thoughful and slightly expensive one, and one that was to apologise for my recent insensitivity and for your faith in the exact thing you are yelling at me about not believing me on.

the 3 things that made today a significant, difficult and emotional one for me, which you knew, and still brought this up anyway, and in addition, the fact that we were in public and on a limited timeframe. very not fair.

the fact that you know how i feel about this issue, that im under stress and pressure and feel immensely guilty about it, dont do guilt well, and have major guilt things going on with it being what day it is

the fact that i couldnt say what i wanted to, that you interrupted and wouldnt let me speak, yet i had to let you say your part

that we couldnt resolve it, and had to have it in parts with interruptions.

that you said what u wanted and left without me saying what i needed, or defending myself, and left me feeling like absolute shit because you didnt want to talk at that moment for fear of regretting something you might say

that it ALWAYS has to be like this – you saying what you want, then leaving when your ready, and me being left to deal with my feelings in the meantime. that you feel better and leave me with the consequences

that this happens time and time again, which makes me feel like you dont care what it does to me

and that your ABSOLUTE WORST TIMING EVER IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY to do this to me today, of all days, which you were completely aware of. couldnt you hold your tongue for a more appropriate time? i have been on stuff i need to say to you, cant you give me the same courtesy you demand of me?

and stop bitching about me having crap timing and coincidences when youve just done all that to me

its not fair



March 30, 2006

ive sent the link to all who know him personally. anyone who wants to see the video footage sent back can email me
it does me good to see him well. and the scene on the balcony – the guy he was standing next to actually got hit in the head. so extra good to know hes still fine


March 29, 2006

it just had to be done. PIA and i have spent the afternoon perving whilst watching this movie. Ok so weve seen it a million times. Ok so it has like, NO PLOT. Who cares? We had a ball, both of us drooling over the cars, as well as me perving on vin diesel and her at michelle rodriguez. actually i really like that rodriguez too, very pretty girl that one, and not your usual hollywood blonde bimbo only there to screw the lead actor. this one gets roles where she has some balls. always attractive in a woman. PIA reckons if she was into guys, shed prefer paul walker. sigh. i guess that shows why shes a lesbian – she has NO CLUE when it comes to men!
And on a whole other note, but here because i only just got it sent to me and im too lazy to do another post (and ive only just figured out this spiffy way of uploading pics) this provided me with a good laugh.

something in the water

March 29, 2006

quite a few people have been odd the past couple of days

maybe theres something in the water?

coz even i feel a bit blaaaaggghhh atm

i fucked up

March 28, 2006

ok so i know i bitch alot here about other people and their stupid insensitive things they do

now ive done one

DH bought a new car. not new, 2nd hand, but new for him. got rid of one of his cars for one like this thing over there. and instead of saying nice things, all i did was say it was ugly. that i didnt like it. and sorta complained about having to deck it out for him (he didnt ask, just mentioned the necessity of it – but we all know what that means, right?)

so when he calls back tonight, I will be the first to say sorry for above offense, and to offer my support. even if it is an awful looking car. *wink*


March 28, 2006

i have come to the conclusion that SOME PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS

in the meme i posted the other day, i listed one of the websites i visit daily as a lesbian porn site

i was joking people

i mean, seriously. c’mon.

i wanted to blog i swear!

March 28, 2006

i really did! and i was in such a cheery mood too

but then i ran into a dickhead on msn who just wouldnt get a clue

and even though i dont really care about him or his opinions, and i know what he said shouldnt get to me, it does.

so a big rasberry to him

and no posting atm for me