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Thinking of Dickhead

April 2, 2007

So last night he and I were chatting online for a bit. Its quite bizzare the way things are at th moment. To me at least. Its comfy like nothings changed, but its also stunted like everythings different. I dont know how to explain it, and im not sure I want to, even to me. So we were chatting about how horny I was (right before my period – you know how it is) and he was asking me what I was thinking…..

Which got me to thinking…..

And then I couldnt stop……and I still cant…… what am i missing about him? What am i thinking about him? Well……

He always smells so good. I love when he visits, specially when he sits next to me on the lounge and the breeze from the window wafts his scent towards me. I love moving in closer and nuzzling into his neck and chest to breathe him in….

I love running my fingers along his jawline, down his neck, and gently caressing his collarbone, fingertips toying with the chain he wears around his neck, taking in his soft skin below his chest hair, enjoying the contrast between masculinity and sensitivity.

Snuggling in to his side, resting my head against his broad chest, sighing softly with his breathing, feeling his big strong arm snaking around my shoulders and back, feeling warm and protected, even somewhat submissive to his strength. His arms are gorgeous and one of the first things that attracted me to him, and they get my heart pounding and my mouth watering almost every time I see them, let alone feel them wrapped around me.

Snaking my arms around his middle, burrowing myself into his side, sensing his contentment an relaxedness, wallowing in the closeness, allowing my arm to rest across his nether regions, knowing he wont stay relaxed for long anymore….

Feeling his hand carress my head, running his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp, my hand softly caresssing his chest, playing with the medallion at the end of his chain, dropping to run my fingertips lightly over theinside of his calf, fingernails gently tracing patterns, feeling his breathing deepen slightly, tracing my fingers slowly higher up the inside of his leg…….

Feeling his weight shift slightly below me, ever so slightly disturbing the air around us, sending another whiff of his cologne to my senses, a deep breath inwards, my fingers tracing the growing firmness contained within his jeans, mere inches from my face, picturing what awaits behind the curtain made by his zipper…..

Feeling his hand wandering from my hair to my shoulders and back, gently increasing his pressure, massaging my skin, sending shivers down my spine even though the touch of his hand is warm, spreading heat in its wake…..

Feeling his body start to writhe ever so slightly beneath my wandering fingers, tracing their patterns languidy across his chest, his thighs, and the hardness becoming more prominent between them…..

His breathing becoming deeper and slightly more rapid, as his hand moves up my back and his fingertips softly caressing the back of my neck, sending shivers of delight tearing down my spine, adding to the heat steadily growing between my thighs….

His hand running down my back and squeezing the cheeks of my arse, as i lower my mouth to his zipper and gently bite through the denim, feeling the hardness within and the heat of my breath, making my mouth water in anticipation….

Feeling his hands run over my body to my breasts, responding to the dull ache that has been steadily growing within, gently massaging them then not so gently, a display of his desire for what is now inevitable (as if there is ever a question of my compliance) as I loosen his belt, purposefully drawing out the process of undoing his button and sliding down his zipper….

A slightly akward moment as he helps me to remove his jeans and trunks, releasing his manhood from its now uncomfortable confines, quickly returning to our comfortable positions as I envelop him in my eager mouth…..

Revelling in the contrast of his soft smooth skin over his hardness, running my tongue over and around the head as I feel him settle and relax beneath me, his hands caressing my back and arse, the pressure of his movements changing in reponse to how much of him I have taken into my mouth, or released again to softly lick at his shaft…..

Snaking my hand down to gently cup and caress his balls as I pleasure my tongue with exploring every inch of his shaft, returning again and again to lick at the head, taking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, gently sucking as I take the length of him in, and back out of my warm wet mouth, loving the way it feels, the thickness that fills my mouth, the length that is too much to take in in one go and needs to be worked up to, the taste of his skin, the sound of his breathing changing in response to my actions, the soft low moans and groans that occassionally slip unbidden and unrealised from his mouth, the soft gentle sound of his sighs as I enjoy myself with his cock…..

Gently untangling myself from his arms, slipping forward to rest on my knees between his legs, without removing his member from my lips, settling myself for the long haul, fully intending to satiate myself with him in my own time,  looking up at him, seeing the pleasure on his face mirroring the way I feel….

Taking my time, not missing a single part of him, alternating between lapping at the head of his cock, sucking the length of him, licking his shaft, gently sucking his balls, rolling them in my mouth, massaging them with my tongue, gently pulling the skin that covers them between my lips, lavishing the attention of my mouth, teeth, tongue and lips from his arse to his tip, feeling him come to the brink, backing off, changing tactics while he settles a little, then bringing him back time and again until I can no longer wwait to taste him, feel his warmth flood my mouth, feeling him twitch and pulse win my mouth, gently licking him until his firmness has reverted completely to softness once more, gently lapping at him with the tip of my tongue until his breathing has settled… savouring the taste of him in my mouth as he relaxes, spent, happy and satisfied……….

Kissing him gently, feeling his warm tongue exploring my mouth, connecting, eyes closed, senses alert, mind switched off, my hands gently caressing his stubble along his cheek and jaw, fingertips brushing his earlobes, hands running south, along his strong arms, wrapped around me, pulling my shirt down over shoulders, releasing my  breasts from the cups of my bra….

His fingers rolling and pulling at my nipples, palms caressing and massaging their fullness, lowering his head to take one in his mouth, licking and sucking, making my body respond as only he can….

His hands wandering over every inch of me, working my body into wanting him even more, working my mind at the same time, driving me crazy with desire, putting thoughts in my mind, creating mental images, drawing on memories of times past and fantasies of the future, until im naked not only in body but in mind too, thinking only of my need for him…..

His hands positioning me as he wishes, searching out my centre, fingers slipping and sliding, entering my warmth, learning of the wetness he has created within me, knowing the deepest parts of me….

Kissing me, held beneath him, now rubbing at my clit until I almost cannot bear the exquisitness he is forcing me to feel, whispering to me, refusing to let me back away, willing me to keep going, knowing it is he who is responsible for my lack of control, for the enormous physical and mental build up and explosive release, all held in his hands……

Feeling his firmness enter me, the feeling of connectedness, of being full, complete, of sharing one another, knowing each other body and soul as only lovers can, taking from each other the physical enjoyment we both want and need, whilst simultaneously giving the same in return, feeling him slide back, only to reurn to me once more, again and again and again, until my world shatters, my body and mind in a place that doesnt exist without him, my entire being both filled and fulfilled by him, until slowly, slowly, returning to reality, spent, breathless, relaxed, completely comfortable, completely myself, and yet part also of him, and he of me, having shared a part of ourselves with each other, receiving in return the part of the other that we ourselves gave up.

Satiated. My hunger for him fulfilled, and yet instantly beginning to grow once more. I can never get enough of him.



January 27, 2007

Dickhead and I discussed today the fact that he is in my will. He knows he gets something, but he also knows I will not answer how much. And for those of you who worry, dont. Bugalugs gets almost everything, and will be fine. Lucky for me I’m an Accountant, and Financial Planning is something I PRACTISE and not just PREACH. With out implying anything about my financial status, Im smart enough to have Life Insurance, and have done since before he was born. Plus I own my house, and so in sydney (even out here in the west) you know theres at least 300K in the sale of that no matter what. And seeing as he will be cared for by my parents who are financially sound and will support him themselves, and I interrupt here to say sucko mum n dad, you were enjoying this past year since your youngest moved out, huh? (btw my sis will be out of hospital soon, and moving back in with them for her rehab stints) So Bugalugs will be pretty well set for life (once hes old enough to have one) even if they DO dip into it to finance raising him. (which I dont have a problem with) So as you can see, its all sorted. What was I saying? Oh yeah, so Dickhead scores some cash (no bumping me off early so you can collect, mkay babe?)

The point is (or at least was going to be when i sat down to type, before the rambling started) that in discussing it with him, and a couple of mini-chats ive had with others these past few days (and oh yeah, DH got out of hospital this week – hense the lack of me posting) its made me think that for the benefit of friends who dont really DO these conversations, and for those wondering but too lazy to google, lets give some facts on where im at, and where im going, mkay?

Yes I do remember I was drafting a “facts” post a while ago but……SHADDUP. lol

So firstly some statistics on Lung Cancer, and what it is, and how you get it. (besides being the “worlds biggest retard with the most fucked up luck in the history of ever” like I am)

For starters, Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths basically around the world, in both men AND women. If your gunna get cancer, and want to live, this is NOT the bitch you want. (although there are more unpleasant ones to endure, this cunt is deadly). Less than 15% of those diagnosed with Lung Cancer live for 5 years.

Yeah, you heard right, read it again, it doesnt change.

Theres 4 main types, and no, im not spilling the exact details of mine here. Suffice to say I cant say it, let alone spell it! lol. 85% of lung cancer is caused by ciggarettes. That leaves 15% of other causes, which are heaps, and who gives a fuck really. I guess those who keep smoking, and yes i was included in that category until recently, are foolhardy (but my dad still smokes 2 packs a day as at this very moment) or lucky.

SYMPTOMS – this includes some scary news folks, that i didnt know until a few weeks ago. 25% of sufferers have NO SYMPTOMS at the time of diagnosis. Different types have different symptoms, and not all sufferers have all the symptoms, or even the same ones as another patient. The main ones are coughs, coughs that wont go away, coughs that change, coughing up blood, chest pains, shortness of breath, wheezing, and infections like bronchitis and pneumonia (shaddup about my spellin, got it?) Lung Cancer is a fucker at spreading to other parts of the body and developing secondary cancers. Other symptoms that arent so common are growing extra boney bits (yes thats a scientific term, shaddup) aneamia, muscle weakness, weightloss, fatigue, skin irritations and brain function deterioration.


Have we all finished laughing at that last one? Can we move on now please?

Yes, that is one im suffering from. We’ll come back to that in a second (if my brain hasnt deteriorated too far by then, mkay?)

On a personal level, most of those, no wait, all of those are things I am experiencing. Some others too, because of the treatment im undergoing.

Whats really getting me down at the moment is the brain thing. I know Ive bitched before about my memory being fucked, and being unable to remember the word i want to use (sometimes quite simple words) and being unable to focus on the conversation at times, even when there isnt any hotties walking past. But now, well, its worse. I keep messing up words, saying things i never meant to say, and things that dont make sense. I keep forgetting what im on about.

I cant drive. I certainly cant park. I have no depth perception. I cant judge how fast im going. Im a speed freak, and do at least 20km over the limit everywhere I go, and the other day i was doing just under 80 in a 110 zone. No, not heavy traffic. No, not double demerits. I thought I was going fast. Granted, it was at night, and i cant see so well at night any more. Im getting confused as to which side the indicators are on (yes my car is german and has them on the wrong side, but im used to that. Or i WAS until about 5 days ago.)

Not being able to drive anymore will be very hard. Dickhead and I have trips planned to the sth coast, canberra, and the hunter. Guess he will be doing the driving huh. (and look – ner ner ni-ner ner my brain hadnt packed it in yet)

So DH is going overseas for treatment for his own thing in mid march. My birthday is the 3rd, so he will be here for that. And my birthday was the estimate of the end of my “useful” time. By useful, i mean the time where i can do shit other than lying there like a lump. He asked when I got sick, how would it go. Im calling it “when I get sick” coz im retarded and am pretending like im not sick now. Im also saying “when Im gone” and “when im finished with you” because saying ‘when im dead’…well….its just not something i can say without getting all weird. Its my impending doom, and fuckers, Ill deal with it my way, mkay? If you dont like it, feel free to swap and show me how its done. Ill swap back once you have, promise! *crosses fingers behind back and looks around, whistling innocent-like*

Well folks, luckily, when I get too sick to annoy my friends with my fucktardary, the end will come quickly. Im stubborn and strong, and will fight a good fight to stay active as long as possible. When I cant continue, I really wont be able to continue. I will basically be a useless lump for a week or two and stop breathing. That last week or so will be a cunt of a time, and i will no doubt be glad its over. There is little about this life that i will miss, but that which i do, will break my heart. Im not scared of dying really. Im just furious at myself for failing as Bugalugs’ mum. Everyone else will deal, and will cope, and will get over it, but something like that affects a kid forever. And no half decent mum on the planet can ever accept that they are doing that to their kid. And thats all i have to say about that, ala Forest Gump.

So DH may just miss my final demise. And before you say or think anything, stop. Make sure its nothing bad. Yes, part of me wants him to be here for me, the selfish part, ill admit it. But also part of me wants him to miss it. I dont want him to have to see me like that. To have to deal with anything more awful than need be. And this treatment thing hes leaving me for is something that could be so so good for him, and I will not deny him that. I wont deny him the chance to get better. No matter what the cost to me. However, I did say I would not condone him leaving while im still good! I cant stop him, but yeah, id be mighty pissed! Truth be told, I desperately hope that it works for him. I honestly do. Its not just words, my own situation has made me want this chance to come good for him so badly its ridiculous.


back to me, coz im such an attention whore and this is MY blog, dammit!

So like I said, Lung cancer = bitch that bites BIG TIME. Stats quoted to me by a doc were 4/5 die within 2yrs, and 1 in 20 live past 5. awesome, huh! lol. yes, your allowed to laugh. Thats what stops the crying!

In the spirit of that comment, which is how i am in real life, and how ive always been, i leave you with this (seeing as that was such an awful, depressing, shitty, upsetting and heavy post)…………..

Min (my best friend) and I used to joke around a year or so ago, before i was diagnosed. Im one of those people who say theyve done just about everything (like that last meme thing shows lol) except ive ACTUALLY done the things I say i have. Ive fit an awful lot of living into my nearly 27yrs. I often wish i hadnt done most of them, but cest la vie. Anyhoo, when talking about all the shit ive dealt with in my life, i often commented to her that there were only 3 things left that i hadnt done or had happen to me: cancer, a heart attack, and dying – at least one of which was guaranteed to happen!

So either Im now going to live forever, or i won a bonus!

You never know, maybe ill be super lucky and get to be a REAL winner and get all three!

Hey – it could happen.

I’ll open the books at 5-1…………

Ok, But What About Today?

October 16, 2006

So this morning I woke up grumpy. Thanks to Dickhead. sigh. And although a friend of mine was coming down from Katoomba to see me, one I hadnt seen in quite a while, and I was looking forward to it, the visit was tarnished before it even happened, because one of the things we were going to be doing while she was down here was designing his website, and true to form, Dickhead had left everyhting to the last minute, and had run out of time to go over everything before she got here. So it was all down to me. Sure, great, fine, its not like I have anything else to worry about, is it?

Add to that the fact that the doctors were just teasing me, and it seems tomorrow wont be the last day of their torture after all. sigh. fuckers. I wanna go home.

My gf came down and we had a great visit. She stayed much longer than she planned, and we giggled so much my beepy machine went of twice. Im talking about the beepy machine that makes the nurses come running from everywhere when it goes off coz they understand beep-speak, and its saying “hurry up you dumb slut, shes gunna die”. Either they think im just too cute to die yet, or they get just as pissed off with its shrill interruptions to their sleep as I do, because they drop what their doing and hustle, let me tell ya!

My afternoon was punctuated with conversations with medical proffessionals that I really didnt want to hear. My evening was consumed with conversations about tomorrows funeral that I really dont want to attend, and dont know if Id even be allowed to in my current condition. And Bugalugs didnt come up to see his mummy. Aparently playing in his friends new cubby house was much more fun. So I felt and feel like crap.

But whats making me feel worse, is Dickhead and his being too busy for me. There was a half conversation this morning whilst he was at the airport collecting his brother whos here fore the next couple of days, which means im hardly going to hear from him. One where he promised me something that made me really happy. It was something I took to be a big thing, a good thing. And it influenced a decision Ive been pondering for a while now. A decision about something Dickhead has been asking me to make. Wanting me to make. And Ive been getting close to saying yes. And its nothing to do with his business, but I guess that might be affected by it. But just as I was getting closer to agreeing to what he had asked me to, he said something that made me baulk. Big time.

Bugalugs is my life. Fact. Dickhead knows this, and never expects anything less. He would be rather dissappointed in me I think if I even thought about that not being the case. I also have a past that affects how I am now. Fact. Dickhead knows this, but also wants me to get over it. I have a picture of where I want to be this time next year, and further in the future (date yet to be decided). I dont want to make the same mistakes Ive made before. (new ones are so much more exciting). I dont want to get into things I can see a problem with straight up. I also have things that I want RIGHT NOW.

What he said this morning made me slam my brakes on. It was a surprise. I dont know if how I first took it is the stance I will continue to take. I dont know if I took it the way he meant it. Im quite sure he thought it was an innocuous little comment. Well, not to me. To me it raised a HUGE RED FLAG. I had to dip out of our talk time to collect my thoughts (and my stomach from where it had dropped to the floor). He worried, and wanted to know what was wrong, why his comment had made me change so suddenly, why I was acting differently. I couldnt talk. I told him I would later.

Problem is, Im going to bed now, and later still isnt here.

Back To Basics

October 13, 2006

Tonight, after a particularly difficult day, I returned to my roots.

I sat down, and started to draw.

I suck.

But slowly its coming back to me.

The pleasure of it it is returning much faster than the skill, which i admit is rather rusty.

Im even considering ducking out tomorrow to buy some pastels.

We’ll see how it goes.

For now, im just happy to be scratching lead to paper again.

Its calming. And it makes me feel……….. content.

Why Am I Blogging Right Now?

October 9, 2006

Because I dont feel like facing people to say this, and I know it will get around fast enough by putting it here. Dickhead already knows, as does Min, both of these I told myself, them being the most important people to me right now (besides Bugalugs of course who doesnt need to know anything until it cant be avoided)

In less than an hour now, I will get results back from my specialist (you dont like me calling him that, YOU try spelling his title correctly). If the beefed up plan of attack isnt working, there isnt really much else to do. And Ive already decided that if this is the case, Im going home. Id rather spend what little time remains in my own freaking bed than here.

On the other hand, if it IS killing the little fuckers, then I will be staying here, and its the first time Im actually wanting to stay. Obviously. The issue then will become how much longer to continue. When is the point where theyve killed enough of the bad bits, yet left enough good ones alive to pick up the peices & start the rebuilding?

And of course, once that decision is made, its all crossing of fingers and toes that the good workers arent too fucked over by the new IR laws, and will put their backs into it and get this new development underway.

Mins reaction to this news was predictable.

Dickheads reaction was not.

Mine? I’ll wait till after I hear it & know what it is I have to react to.

But that call this morning would have been good, had I got it.

Oh yeah, a big bunch of good wishes are owed to Dickhead, who started the next phase of his business this morning. xoxo

Trying Very Hard To Post

October 5, 2006

But its hard. It isnt normally. As you can tell by the shithouse standard of writing displayed on this site, I usually sit down, log on & tap away for 5 – 10 minutes, and press ‘publish’. Its that simple. I really do use this blog to empty my head. And right now my head is a mess. I know, I know, it usually is. But now its more so. Its like Im in thick fog. I cant seem to focus. I cant concentrate. I cant manage a coherant train of thought. Its most disconcerting. Although friends will tell you I often dont make sense when Im speaking to them, I always make sense to myself. Not right now though. Half way through a sentence I get brain freeze and forget what I was saying. Its frustrating. At the moment things in here are not going so well. Therapy has been stepped up. Aparently me going all aggressive at the doctors saying I didnt want to stay in their poxy establishment until the end of time seems to have offended the sadistic little fuckers, and their getting me back, and how! Its painful, and its exhausting. Its stressful and makes me sick. I also spend hours and hours in bed, which is even worse because theres no playing up……. So a few brief notes on what im up to, hopefully it will inspire me to write properly later. If not, it will at least serve as a memory jogger. And if I know anything about anyone, a bit of a conversation starter too. Look out email account, its gunna get hot! *checks her phone batteries are charged* *********************************EDIT********************************* STUPID FUCKING RETARDED FUCKING WANKER FUCKING WORDPRESS FUCKING GREMLINS FUCKING ATE THE FUCKING REST OF MY FUCKING POST THE FUCKING FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!

and im too frikken tired to redo it. i did it all too. properly even. and it was good. just for once. fucking fuck fuckers.

Friday (gotten around to posting on Monday – shaddup!)

October 2, 2006

Bugalugs finally got an award at school. Hooray!

Considering this is a kid who just a couple of months ago was about to be suspended (in KINDERGARTEN I tells ya, WTF?)

So at the beginning of the week I receieved a letter from his teacher inviting me to attend the school assembly to watch. I cant tell you how good it was to be asked to go up to the school for THAT instead of meetings with the principal!

So I asked my mum if she could make it. Apparently it just wasnt interesting enough, and her response was that she didnt think she could make it & would let me know. If I sound a bit bitchy here, perhaps its coz my mum lives about 8 houses from the school, doesnt work, and has no kids at home either. So please forgive me for being more than slightly pissed off that she needed to consult her busy schedule of daytime soapies for her only grandson.

I also called Dickhead, because I knew Bugalugs would like it, and his teacher had even mentioned that it would be good if Dickhead could make it, that it would mean alot to Bugalugs. I can only assume Bugalugs has been crapping on at school about him. Actually bugalugs is quite enamoured with Dickhead. Go figure. Dickhead not surprisingly said he couldnt make it – working. Sigh.

So Friday came around and I rearranged appointments and ran out of hospital. I visited a gf with her young baby at home whilst I waited for the assembly time to roll around (never one to waste an opportunity, me) & whilst there, Dickhead decided he was able to move things around enough to come up.

Well fuck me, hey!

Being as much like me as he is, and a typical leb, he just had to get everything out of it he could, and so I helped arrange for some shit to be done to one of his cars by the ever obliging Keefer. (MrB previously, but fuck it, Im using normal real life nicknames now. Im lazy, bite me.) Keefer of the “wholesale cost is $296. Nah, I can do better than that for ya!” See, no wonder Dickhead likes him.

So Dickhead collected me from Min’s place, and I drove his car to Keefer to feel whats wrong with it. God. Thats 2 cars of his that I dont like. At least this one isnt nicknamed “the bitch”. Well, it got that name for electrocuting me, the bitch! We dropped the car off, and Dickhead drove us to Bugalugs’ thing.

Poor bastard! No sooner did we get there, but the assembly was being held outdoors in the sun, and whos waving to us with seats saved? Thats right, my MUM.

Bwah hah hah hah hah!

Thats both my parents Dickhead has met now, and both have been unplanned. The poor thing! Of course having her waving at us I couldnt pretend we hadnt seen her, so over we went. Well he may be fasting and feeling crap, but it was me who kept falling asleep. What is it with sun and a seat, and a woman who despite having a speach in front of her has to use the word “um” every 3 words that sends you to nigh nigh land? Poor Dickhead had to keep poking me to wake me up!

Eventually after much other bullshit, Bugalugs got up to get his certificate, and his mum sure was proud. Just for once it wasnt me making a huge scene in public, but my mum who clapped and hollered even though we were meant to wait till the all the recipients were up there. Speculate all you want as to whether I was trying to remain composed somewhat like a normal human in Dickheads presence, but actually I was a bit upset that I just didnt have it in me. Otherwise the bogan westie holla back girl in me would have been on sho fo sho, mo fo’s!

Believe me, inside I was all whooping it up.

Afterwards Dickheads car wasnt ready yet, so we headed to the local shopping centre to waste some time until it was. And every few minutes I had to stop and rest. It was embarressing much. Usually we stop for him to rest his leg, but nup, this time it was all me. It was shocking. I can tell you he really knew I was ill when we walked into one of those discount perfume stores (he smells as good as I do – were a match made in sweet smelling heaven) and I lasted all of 30 secionds before having to walk straight back out. I couldnt breathe. It hurt. It was AWFUL. I coughed. I struggled for breath. I leant against the ballastrade trying to recompose myself. I ended up having to walk into the shop next door and dose up on my inhaler. I hid it from him, yes. I didnt want him to know just how completely fucked I was. The entire trip to the shops was exhausting me completely. I just didnt want to scare him, and I knew it wouldnt be long before Keefer rang to say his car was ready. Im not liking this ramadan thing. Again. Coffee dates make it so much easier to hide how ill I am.

Actually Im not so sure if thats true. I thought Id been hiding it well, but the last few coffee dates we had had he mentioned recently that he had seen me struggling to stand afterwards and get back to my car. I thought Id hidden it, but hed seen me have to sit back down again to get my breath, and make more than one stop on the short walk back to the carpark. It worries me that he sees this. I hate thinking that Im worrying him or scaring him. And in a way, not having people know means it doesnt feel anywhere near as real. So I dont have to deal. Not so much, anyway.

So standing there catching my breath, the bastard notices I have a grey hair. And pulls it out to show me. So much for me laughing at him for being old. Im 26, hes 35. When he doesnt shave, he has plenty of grey hairs in his beard. Hes got a few on his head too, but he keeps his hair cut so short its hard to notice. We have a standing joke about when I’ll have to dump him. Min and I discussed it, along with input from her 40yr old brother, and it was decided that when his balls are saggy, its time to go. No eviction party, just trade him in on a newer model. His response was that he just wouldnt let me play with them anymore so that they stayed in mint condition, but, well, what guy could ever stick to that, huh?

So after berating me about being 26 and having grey hairs….. and just what does he expect, im with him, arent i? And I hang around mostly guys. Of course being around men all the time is going to stress me! We collected his car, and off he went back to work. To which I promptly headed off to see Llama about a couple of things, forgetting about an appointment for treatment and sending the entire Honey Friend Clan into a tizzy. I got there in time. Just. All I can say is thank goodness I put it in my PDA with a reminder alarm! So I guess IM not so teknikmalogikally challenged after all?

So whats the moral to this story? I guess delinquent children still have goodness in them that others besides their mothers can see. Dickheads will sometimes pull out the stops and blow your mind. My mother is still completely fucked in the head & not to be trusted. School Assemblies are still boring. Perfume stores are not places to go if you like air. Keefer is the king of discounts & sourcing parts. And hospitals suck even more when your trying to get there in a hurry. But mostly, my son is a champion and I love him.

Go Bugalugs! w00t!! w00t!!