Peak Hour in Sydney

How fucking retarded is Sydney traffic? Im sure you all know, even those international readers must be groaning, and I know the interstate ones know all about it, because Australia doesnt exist beyond Sydney according to the media. (Hi Melbourne-ians! You know its true! Dont try to deny it! Your underworld killings are just an occasional lame excuse to get some recognition, you know it is!)

So those who reside in Western Sydney like me will most likely head east each morning to work. Its a long way, let me tell ya. A couple of hundred kms a week knocked up on the odometer just from going to work and back is pretty normal. Certainly nothing to be surprised by. You can tell us “real” westsyd residents. We’re the ones shooting up your arse on the M4 or something, then flying off after you succumb to our tailgating and abusive gestures whenever you glance backwards. Either that, or we’re weaving, changing lanes a dime a dozen. Dont blame us, we just have so freaking far to go that if we didnt do these things and save ourselves a bit of time, it’d be next Tuesday before we got home for dinner.

Luckily for me I left my clients’ office about 15 minutes early on Friday. So I hit the M4 at Parramatta early (even 5 minutes at the start can make a difference of being more than 30 minutes early at the end, because theres so much less traffic). Let me tell you how glad I was. An EASTBOUND accident had blocked all lanes, and traffic was backed up for 3 exits. M4 Eastbound was CLOSED. So of course, westbound traffic had to stop and let people turn around via those emergency gaps in the median. This already had gathered a pretty bad blockage for about 4kms with complete standstills for minutes at a time. This was just after 2pm. The accident wasnt even STARTING to be cleared. I pity the people using the freeway later on!

So I collected Bugalugs from school, and headed out to a friends place to help out with some stuff. On the way home, using The Northern Road, ANOTHER accident. Granted this one had about a billion emergency vehicles in attendance so was rather serious, but here again was another major distributor CLOSED BOTH WAYS to peak hour traffic. We were all diverted down a dirt road. A really BAD dirt road. Let me remind you, this is a major distributor, and used heavily by trucks. Trucks of the MACK and KENWOOD variety, not your pissy little Isuzus. There were potholes the size of cars. It was HORRENDOUS. The amount of dust kicked up was unbelieveable. People who lived on this dirt road had come out to VIDEO the traffic. THIS is what a main arterial in Sydney had become.

Considering I had just had the car washed, I can tell ya I was not a happy chicken. I guess Im glad I was in the car i was in, because MrB’s, Dickhead’s and Elly’s cars which I am often driving would not have managed the potholes. There was a particularly nice little car heading opposite which needed my guidance to navigate a particularly nasty one, which had his tyres not been quite so unnecessarily wide, would have made for an interesting afternoon’s salvage job for the local towing contractor! As it was, i was surprised he got through.

Whilst Im really glad me & mine were safe and sound and not involved in any of those accidents, I really wish those fucktards could get their arses together and give us some roads which DONT completely shit themselves everytime low-and-behold, TRAFFIC may wish to USE them.

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3 Comments on “Peak Hour in Sydney”

  1. steph Says:

    Wow, Lovin the new look. This is definately more YOU!

  2. huniii Says:

    ta muchly tephs

  3. rami Says:

    so true… fuck our govt sucks

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