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A New Direction

May 25, 2007

With things with me getting worse and worse, and time running out, Ive finally made a decision. One that Im sure many will disagree on. But one that has privately been discussed with those closest to my heart.

Bugalugs and I finally have everything in place, and we leave this morning. We go to spend what time I have with Dickhead, allowing him to finish his treatment which gives him a chance, a chance I no longer have.

I cannot be seperated from Bugalugs, and I have chosen to not be seperated from the other special man in my life either.

Thankyou for your well wishes and support. And even the occasional kick up the backside.

There are some who will understand this post, they knew it was coming. To those I send my deepest love. You know who you are, you know what you mean to me, you know what the decision in this post means. You all have mail to read.

puik liefde,



May 22, 2007

Much is happening.

Its time for me to make choices. Serious, life changing choices.

Im not well. Not in a good place. Tire so very easily. So much of my strength is simply gone. Physical, mental and emotional strength. Im almost completely empty. Its vapours, just vapours. And when I look inside the tank, I cant see how Im even managing to exist at all.

Not just my life, not just the path I take, but me, the very essence of me, is being decided.


May 14, 2007

There are more and more bad days, and the good ones are just mediocre. I didnt even get drunk or debaucherous since last friday night, which still has ramifications even now.

Bugalugs’ footy is going great guns and ill be back to tell you all about it (still top of the ladder – which the storm ARE NOT are they babe! HA HA HA)

The Bulldogs play the Storm tonight (in melb unfortunately, and Dickhead is currently stopping over in Dubai for a couple days on his way home (hes been there since Sat arvo – do I know when he’ll be home? no!) Hopefully the dogs will get up and i can laugh at him when he DOES come home. Im unable to call him atm and im missing him. Lookout when you get back babe – I swear after 2 months+ Im gunna eat you alive.

Just letting all the concerned parties know Im still around. Even if I do suck right now.

Please Excuse My Bloggy Absence

May 7, 2007

Dear Sir/Madam

Please excuse Honey from blogging recently as she has been sick. Duh.



Folks let me tell ya, its been weird. And full on. And not. Its all a bit weird and messed up and, well, stuff. And yes I know im not making sense. So Ill leave you for now with the good, the bad and the ugly….


Hmmm, well this category would have to include the fact that I have a new toy, with another on the way, thanks to my good friend Miss Noisy. Everygirl needs BOB sometimes, especially me seeing as Dickhead has been gone for 2months. No wonder the woman at the service station where i buy calling cards to talk to him has been commenting on the amount im spending, and asking “just how much phone sex are you two having?”


would include my financial mess, which honestly wouldnt be a problem if i just sat down and thought about it and shit, but i cant seem to get motivated/concentrate on anything for more than 5 seconds at the moment. also the fact that my phone is fucked. no idea whats going on there. 3 weeks till contract expires and i get offered something new and pretty and shiny. meh.


friday night at PJ Gallaghers and the fallout. nuff said.

Google Searchers & Spammers

May 2, 2007

To the people who are searching for “big Dickhead”


To the people searching for “arabic boobs”

Mine ARE awesome, but im not arabic – thats dickhead and boobs arent something he has

To the person searching “upset at having cum inside me”

Use a condom. We dont want you procreating anyway.

To the spammer who hit my blog 18 times in a row

Thats the most donkey porn links i have EVER seen. How DID you find them all? And why do i need them 18 times over?