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2006: A year in review

December 31, 2006

What can I say? It was a shit year. I dont really know what to say about it without bringing myself down.  I guess point form will do. Its mostly in the archives anyway.

  • Bugalugs Starts School
  • Dickhead and I get somewhat serious (or more serious. I dunno. Whatever LOL)
  • Bugalugs nearly gets suspended – more than once – in fucking KINDY FFS
  • I wrote off my daily car
  • I got a car for my bday
  • Lexus almost writes off my bday car
  • Lexus moves back to greece
  • Azz moves to melbourne
  • Quite a few very close friends pass away, such as Frog, Llama, Grant, Ness, G4D, Bear, and plenty of others. And family members such as ouma and my favourite cousin, amoungst others.
  • I was attacked in my own home, at the instigation of one of my (no longer) closest friends.
  • The whole Cancer thing
  • I bought a new daily car
  • My bestie had her third son
  • I completely changed my business around
  • I was ripped off by three clients and one employee
  • I met a bunch of new cool people
  • I hate a song written especially for me
  • Close friends had many personal tragedies that hit me hard too. I wont put them here because its not my place, but suffice to say not only did it hurt me to see them hurt, but many of them hurt me too, just not to the extent of others.

Hmmm, hopefully I will think of more happy things to add to this. But then again, maybe not. Id say next year will be better, but I know it wont. LOL. I guess you cant be dissapointed at least, huh!

Actually this whole cancer thing has changed quite a few things with me. Ill leave you with the back story to Aurelius’ recent comment about the xmas tree as an illustration.

I have been trying very hard to see things in a positive light. There has to be good bits right? Otherwise I honestly think Id go mental. I do this alot when i hit the hard bits in life. Eg: when living with my bestie and quite young and stupid, a situation of our own doing resulting in me being raped. Within just a couple of hours I was making jokes and cracking her up, so that i could deal with it myself, and make her feel better about her part in it happening, and how she felt bad not being able to have prevented it. I made her feel guilty for laughing then! lol

So I hate decorating xmas tress, and pulling all the shit out. Even more than that, I hate putting it all away. So I mentioned to Aurs, that this year, its all good. Why? Because I can just throw it all in the bin! No packing away! YAY! Its not like im going to need it next year, right?


You know your laughing, its funny, go ahead. Everyone needs to stop being such sad sacks around me. Its happening. You cant change it. I cant. No-one can. Just deal with it, accept it, and enjoy what there is. Theres plenty of time later to be sad. Dont fuck up what little good there is by being sad. Find the good stuff, and take it. Otherwise I may as well just shoot myself now and be done with it.

Oh yes, Aurs rather liked the story I told him of the client who owes me money, and has taken an AVO against me (for harrassment) because I kept asking for MY money. Fucking Lebs. So now I cant even serve him with a summons to take him to court to get my money. Little Fucker. Advice from the courthouse was that its only an interim order until it can be heard by a judge and a proper AVO granted, or dismissed. Well thats great says me, but I cant wait that long. The court officer said I shouldnt worry, if what id told him was the truth, the order would be thrown out for sure. He said to just be patient and wait, and it would all be good. No it wont says me. Ill be dead by then. I explained the situation to him in his confused silence. The look on his face was CLASSIC.

I guess thats 1 nil to the lebs then huh?


    Honey is a Kick Arse Girlfriend Reason #45873

    December 31, 2006


    After the whole getting hime new tyres thing, yesterday Dickhead came up early and I took him down to get his amp installed. Fuck I really hate that task. Im happy to do the rest, I just hate pulling out the deck, and running the wiring all the way through the car, front to rear. Actually, running the wiring is easy, its taking off and refitting the interior trims that I hate.

    So while his car was in being done, I thought we could go and look around at a few different brands and types of speakers, letting him hear the differences and choose his own preference. Even though he always says he’ll take my advice (coz im smarter than him on this), Id rather that we set it up how HE likes it. It being his car and all.

    So with a small amount of time before I had to collect bugalugs, and me having to go home to take my meds coz i forgot, teh hanky panky was pretty much a given, right?

    I forget just how the conversation came around, but mid BJ (why is it honey is always doing this? coz she LIKES it dammit! so can all the females reading this who feel the urge to ask me why im always blowing my man please STOP. I dont see it as a ‘job’. I love it just as much as he does – JUST FUCKING DEAL WITH THAT OK?) we got on to the fact that the random friend who came with FISH for that threesome recently had called asking for more. Particularly another BJ, which he really enjoyed. I had turned him down, citing not wanting to cause an bad feelings between him and FISH. I thought that was a knockback without the rejection thing and i ws being nice. But then he called again. This time he offered me money when I refused him. The amounts kept rising and rising FAST. At $500 I hung up on him. So as Im explaining the situation to DH with my mouth wrapped round him (see, we ARE bizarre) he asked if I was tempted.


    Did my man just call me a whore? While I was sucking him off? Christ Almighty!

    I guess thats another reason why he has, as he puts it, “balls of steel”. LMAO

    By the end of the day, smart arsed comments had amounted to me being a whore, stupid, and into beastiality, unable to park the car, and about 8 occasions of my jaw dropping at the audacity this man has.

    And before you all go lecturing me, no, he never meant any of it seriously. Im just as mean to him. Were mucking around. We enjoy the mental jousting. If he stings a little to hard, he makes sure I know he isnt serious, and he doesnt do it again.

    Perhaps I was over sensitive. My besty asked why I didnt take the $500 coz its something I really like doing, and would have done for free. She is struggling this month to make her mortgage repayment, and said she would have accepted that much money. I cant though. I dont think any less of prostitutes, I just couldnt do it myself.

    Maybe too it had to do with searching for 2 1/2 days to find the meaning of GAHBA. It means slut. Its what I was called when I turned down a guy who had been on the chase. Dickhead and I are fixing things. I want him. He wants me. We dont want anyone else (except maybe a plaything for a threesome LOL). Ionly saw other guys because I couldnt have Dickhead. Of course I was going to turn him down. I told him my man and I were back together. He knew Dickhead had my heart and I didnt want a relationship just a fuck, so whats his problem? Why get so angry?

    And why is it that when you refuse a man, so many turn around and immediately call you a slut?

    What does it say about YOU then retard? Im a slut and i STILL wont fuck you? Wow. You must REALLY be bad then.


    Why is it that sticks and stones thrown by randoms and strangers can still get to you? They dont break bones, but its still no picnic.

    Seeing as Im too Tired to Blog..

    December 30, 2006

    I will come back to today,a s it has been eventful.

    My sister has shown signs of improvement. Its early days yet, but the swelling in her head is subsiding. The next 24-48hrs should give us more answers. Im not saying more just yet. No jinxing please.

    The medication im on is causing worse and worse side effects. Im not looking too sick most of the time, which is good. Those who dont know me often cant pick anythings up, and those that know me well say i look tired/worn out/a bit off. However, you can tell the time by when I feel queasy, and can set your watch by my vomiting. Im also enourmously tired and moody and short tempered. But the worst so far is my brain. Its gone all blonde. I keep mixing up words, saying the wrong thing, forgetting words, forgetting where I am/what im doing, my memory is shot to hell. I cant manage in depth conversations. I cannot articulate well. I get muddled up. And i cant think of things I should know. I also listen to people talking but the words wont go in. At lunch with Dickhead today he was telling me a story. he must have gone through it 6-8 times, and even though I was trying REALLY TRYING to follow, I couldnt. I asked questions, but still, it wouldnt go in. I hope I didnt frustrate him. I certainly frustrated myself. In the end, he commented that I just wasnt getting it, and he gave up.

    It scared the fuck out of me. I dont want to be like that. I dont want to lose myself, and thats exactly whats happening.

    So ill leave you all with 2 things – firstly a promise of a good story to rival the WTF BJ Moment of 2006……. and secondly the SMS i sent Dickhead shortly after he left. (the poor baby loves his sunnies)


    DHs sunnies

    And so, today.

    December 29, 2006

    Dickhead and I got into an argument, because something I said I’d do, had a hiccup. Im furious. Sick. And more than a little disheartened. Actually, we had a blue last night, and this morning, and a few throughout the day.

    The day he spent with me.

    The three of us hung out, had coffe, stuffed around, made some repairs to his new car, a supercharged VY commodore (pic of both it, and mine, comming to a blog near you…..) We had coffee (bugalugs had his babychino as per usual, and then half of mine too. To make up for his new rims being unavailable – their actually the rims off my old VY SS, and their at MrB’s house, who was going to roll the guards and fit the wheels today, but was taken to hospital with food poisoning and so it was delayed. Dickhead is shitty coz so much of what I do fucks up like this and it infuriates him (can i help it if im retarded?). So seeing as 2 tyres were illegally low on tread, I bought him 2 new ones and an alignment, as a stop gap measure, and to be nice to him and try to make up for yet another fuckup on my behalf. He was grumpy though. But maybe that wasnt helped by me calling 2 minutes after placating him with that offer and saying i might have to cancel THAT too. The one bank account I have the keycard to (i dont own credit cards, and im notorious for misplacing all my debit cards – sometimes even all at once) had only $200. Tranferring more would mean using internet banking as the bulk of my cash is with a different bank, and would take 24hrs. So after being yelled at (predictably) I made calls, hunted through the house (to no avail, i never carry cash and still no clue where the other cards are) I called in on a couple of people and got and extra $180. Not much, but enough! So I called him back, told him id fixed it (legend that I am) and booked him in.

    Dickhead wont admit it, and will still complain, but I think im a pretty kick arse girlfriend.

    Oh, I even offered to buy him lunch to make up for being pissed off at him when he yelled at me, but he wasnt hungry.

    So after much stuffing around he has 2 new tyres, and his car drives a hellalot straighter now. (still not good enough for lil miss fussy though, hurry up and get better Mr B!) NB newcomers, MrB owns a tyre/wheel store. I never EVER pay retail, and only ever get the very best service and repairs. This “normal” way SUCKS ARSE. Condolences to all who dont have their own MrB like me!

    So tomorrow Dickhead comes up again, spending the morning with me, and will be having brekky with us. I have booked him in to get a new sound system (i hate fitting amps – remember LAST time i installed his? that bitch of a beamer of his electrocuted me!) so their just running the wiring, and ill issue Dickhead with instructions as to how to do the rest. Hes just faster than me at screwing things. Yes that lame arsed double entendre is true both ways of looking at it.

    Again, how kick arse a girlfriend am i????? LMAO

    His suggestions for NYE however are really not so nice. I was really hoping to see A new year in with him. Last year we were apart too. He in bathurst, me in oberon with the annual BOYS festival (which im going to miss this year for many reasons) But he has something family related he cant get out of. Although he has asked that I try to change my plans of going to Canberra, and instead move them to my house. That way if he can sneak away, we’ll actually get the chance to do the NYE thing together.

    And to be honest, id really, really, REALLY like to do that.


    On to happier things. Or stanger things. Ah fuck it, just OTHER things yeah? Before I get all teary eyed again.

    THIS is a picture of the local grassed area after the storm we got this afternoon. Yes, GRASSED area. You cant really see too well (damn shitty loan fone) but that waters moving FAST i tells ya. It was a pretty awesome sight.



    By the way….

    in case your wondering why the sudden influx of posts? Im trying to distract myself. Yes Yes I Know I Know, usually I distract myself with a cock (or two….) but its not really appropriate here.

    This afternoon I had a few missed calls while on the fone to dickhead and another friend. Just my parents so i ignored them thinking id call them later. Propbably some shit about when I wa going to come pick up the toys bugalugs left there I thought. But when my boys started txting me “URGENT. CALL YOUR MUM. NOW.” Well, I got worried (partway through leaving a voicemail msg for Dickhead no less) I called. My littlest sister (the one i like, and like ALOT) had been involved in an accident. She had been rushed to hospital. Mum and Dad were on their way to Katoomba. Despite the heavy rain. I braved the treacherous conditions and drove up the mountains too. Im sitting here now, waiting. I hate Hate HATE hospitals. The waiting is the worst bit. Suspected Spinal Injury. I dinnae like those words being uttered. Wont Know For Sure Until. Ive heard them ones too. Hesitate to Speculate at This Point. no no no no no no no.

    Shes only 19. She did her HSC last year and aced it in the high 90’s for her TER. Her live in boyfriend and her are packing to move to the nth shore in 3 weeks, seeing as their year off is over and Uni starts this year. They just bought a car together. 

    no no no no no no no.

    if theres anyone up there. if they bother to listen. hear this:

    you can stop being such a cunt now, motherfucker.

    no really, you can.


    December 29, 2006

    Getting very tired now, and ive written like a bazillion posts today (it helps me remember things – my memory is shot).

    Aurelius has been in ‘Rome’ holidaying with his son ‘Lucius’, (Im using his blog pseudonyms out of respect and continuity) and his ex wife “Caurelia’. At Aurs’ suggestion, we caught up and took the kids out for the day. We went to the Maritime Museum’s PIRATE exhibit. What a fucking awesome idea that is.




    The boys had a blast, and I loved meeting Caurelia who is a lovely lady, and Lucius is a great kid. Much like his dad, Lucius is intelligent, questioning, and more than a tad bizarre. In the good way. They god on really will, as 6 & 8 yr old boys do, being disgusting and loud as they are want to do. It was quite good to catch up and just hang out with Aurs. We spent alot of time chatting in the cafe on the waterfront while poor Caurelia followed the kids around keeping them somewhat under control in the museum and on board the vessels moored outside.

    Aurs also took the kids on board HMAS Vampire and HMAS Onslow, but dipped out of the Endeavour replica. Personally, I was grateful for not having to go on board ANY of them! Its the LAST thing i need on my queasy stomach. LOL. I think they were quite happy with me not throwing up in their car on the way home!

    It was a fantastic exhibition, and an awesome day out. Thankyou Aurs, Caurelia and Lucius. Bugalugs and I enjoyed ourselves, and I hope you did too.

     anmm pirates 

    Oh and Aurs, thankyou for the hug. And hopefully I can get another out of you in Rome this weekend if were still down your way.

    Boxing Day +1

    December 29, 2006

    Because really, this is just another day off, if you dont go to the sales.

    And really, wtf am i going to do there? Besides collapse? Im really just not built for that shit this year. And really, if I bought all that crap, when would I use it?

    My aunt (from the xmas day post) rang to see if i was the lucky lady reported in the paper that was getting a $375K car in her garage xmas morning. She had just discovered that the 1 and only mercedes that i like (an SL 65 AMG for those of you playing at home – in WHITE please for those of you feeling generous *grin*) costs almost exactly that. She couldnt remember what car it was (she thought it was a porche – “she just wants me for my body”***) but just thought shed call – from the mid nth coast – to check. bless.

    So bugalugs and I took off up the mountains to visit friends for the belated xmas thing. We took Bells Line home and swung through windsor/richmond to visit other rellos on the way home. Fuck me those bushfires really took out some country! Bugalugs thought Dickhead would have been in paradise with all those broken trees that he thought needed cutting down. Dickhead would too, if he’d get paid! But alas.


     So because those  kilometres werent enough for me to drive, we swung past home again, and grabbed our swimmers, and headed to the central coast, to one of my 2 favourite beaches (right next to each other) that hold much sentimental value to me and Bugalugs. He was most excited and facsinated to watch 3 huge container ships make their labourious journey northwards. It was a very slow race, but over a few hours, we had a winner. LOL


    So 11hrs and 658.4kms after leaving home that morning, a very tired Honey and bugalugs returned home. And in a rare display of reality, seeing as being recognised wont matter much longer, heres me in bed (not so scary to wake up next to after all, am i? lol), and bugalugs crashed on the lounge. And no, he hasnt been posed. He often sleeps like that. kiff little bugger that he is.


     bugalugs sleeping

    ***Bonus points to the 1st to identify my favourite line in that movie

    Boxing Day

    December 29, 2006

    As every parent knows, Boxing Day was invented by parents suffering from Xmasitis. Each year, we look forward longingly to this wonderous day, the one day of the year where Xmas is the furthest away……

    We desperately try to fool ourselves that the kids are worn out from Christmas Day and will let us sleep in. When sunup arrives and the precious little bastards are awake and as full of energy as ever, we try to convince ourselves AND THEM that the prezzies they got the day before are exciting enough to keep them occupied for a few more hours until mummys hangover has subsided somewhat. We try to coax them into forraging in the fridge themselves for leftovers for breakfast (shaddup – one day a year this is ok) instead of having mummy get up and cook pancakes. (sooooo not going to happen)

    So after trying to stay in bed past 8am, just once godammit, I gave up, and gave in.

    Bugalugs and I headed to my favourite place, the beach. He took buckets, spades, and bread for feeding the seagulls. I took a big fat book. It was lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. Dickhead was supposed to try and come with us, but work issues kept him in sydney. Well, he does have to eaarn enough to buy me all the coffee i need, after all! As we realised today, ive never actually bought him one. Not once. Ever. Poor baby.