Put Another Way…..

So here it is. I blog to empty my head. Here, I sound like a whinging pom. Constantly crying woe is me and how hard my life is. So freakn what? You dont like it, leave. I didnt ask you to read this, and no one is making you. Sheesh.

I blog it all here so as to not put in on the people I know. It gets it out of my system. It means that in real life I can continue being the freak I am. The one who has terrible things happen to her and turns around and cracks a joke 3 seconds later. Its what keeps me strong. Its what lets me cope. Its what makes it so that I can be me.

Yeah Im having a hard time right now. Yeah I often have a hard time. Yeah i know how that sounds. Yeah I know it must seem to ou all that I  make mountains out of molehills. Whatever. Believe what you will.

Dont tell me what I put here is bullshit. Dont tell me that I exaggerate. Dont tell me that Im a drama queen. And dont tell me that I am WEAK. Feel free to think it. If you want to be an idiot, thats your perogative.

Meet me in real life and then tell me that. Find out the full story behind what i write here and then tell me that. Live it a little bit and then tell me that.

Dont send me emails berrating me. You want to call me a liar and tell me others in the blogosphere think like that too? Fine. Grow some balls and say it here. If Im so pathetic, STOP READING ME.

I may be pathetic. But who the fuck spends their valuable time reading the rantings of someone they think is pathetic and a liar? Who goes out of their way to contact them and tell them that not everything revolves around them? Who asks a blogger to stop writing their blog? What am i, your fucking home page? Why click the link if you dont want to read it? Seriously?

No wait, your right. I have it all wrong. I should stop what Im doing, and leave bloggsville just so as to not offend your sensibilities. How selfish of me was it to stake a claim on this tiny bit of cyberspace. I should know better than to annoy you by making it so that when you typing my url into your address bar and click "go", you get directed to such a shoddy site. I should be more considerate. I should be ashamed of myself, its true.

Oh, and worst of all, I havent done as you suggested and gotten a life.

Because having a life would mean I had something better to do than get in the way of yours, which is so obviously bursting with excitement that you have no time read a crap blog like mine FIVE OR SIX TIMES A DAY, EVERY FUCKING DAY.

You fucking retard, you think I dont know? You think Statcounter tracks everybodies activity on this blog except for yours? Fucking spastic wanker. Go check yours. Am i accessing your pages? Am I sending you email? Do I have suck a lack of excitement in my life that i am posting an entire entry about you? (oh fuck. oops)

Magtig! Jou n blerrie hondenaair.

Bite me, bitch. I aint going nowhere. Not least because you told me to.

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11 Comments on “Put Another Way…..”

  1. Steph Says:

    Who said that to you? Out the fuckers. STAT!

  2. Honey Says:

    Sad but true. And the fucker can out themself. And the fuckers friends by default. I will just say hello to them again, because all 4 have been here today again. Fucktards.

  3. Janina Says:

    oh so they actually left some mean comments?

  4. Honey Says:

    Did you READ the post? As I said in it, they EMAILED me with their tirade. I dont delete comments unless they identify someone. Im not a pussy who hides unflattering things people say.

  5. Janina Says:

    I admit I usually skim through long posts :P. How awful.

  6. Honey Says:

    Why comment on a post you havent even read? Thats both ignorant AND rude

  7. Jaina Says:

    Perhaps you should speak more coherently. You are lucky anyone comments at all. DO NOT comment on my blog again.

  8. Honey Says:

    1. I speak plenty coherant like. Its just that I dont broadcast the every in & out HERE out of respect for others, you know, respect, that concept I see that you do not practise
    2. The only people whos opinions I truly give a fuck about are those who EMAIL or PHONE their comments to me.
    3. I dont write to get comments. I havent changed 1 bit from when I started 2 years ago and no-one even knew I HAD a blog, let alone read or commented
    4. If its so frikkn boring, why read it? I guess this was an appropriate post for you to read. Makes my initial statement all the more appropriate
    5. Personal attacks shouldnt be made public as you just did.
    6. Dont fucking start getting shitty at me for what I write on MY blog. You dont like it? fuck off. What the fuck did you think would happen from you commenting on something you didnt read? Dont try blaming me. YOU opened your mouth on something you knew nothing of & I pointed it out. YOU wrote on my blog that you didnt read it, but commented anyway. I told you on MY blog that I found your behaviour RUDE.
    please please PLEASE – enlighten me as to where I did something inappropriate?
    This I really want to see.

  9. Kevuin Says:

    You are so much more than this
    In all my 34 years never have i heard so much self doubt and lack of self belief,YOU are a human being who is bringing up a child of this century in a world of disbelief and hate , trust that your judgement may not be so awfull and that any person deserving of your love would also return the same, if that isnt recipricated then you should find someone desrving of yourself.Ok I am not perfect, reality check, no one is, we make sacrifices every day to live the life we do and accept these as necessary, self belief will make you better.

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