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This may or may not help

August 31, 2006

I dont see how things could get worse. But then, they somehow manage it, dont they?

Dickhead is gone. For good. My retardedness pushed him away. His meant he couldnt stay. I cared for him more than Im willing to admit. Suffice to say, more than i admitted here. Or anywhere.

MFC, or my favourite cousin wont be coming out. He died.

Power of attourney, and being the carer of an elderly relative is all fine and well until she has multiple heart attacks in a country a million miles from you and you are asked to make literal life or death decisions. She passed away a few hours ago.

Why am I here? because I cant deal with any of this right now.

I was supposed to have surgery on Wednesday. No HUGE thing, but scary to me, particularly the connontations. These things, plus a couple other smaller things, have had me so stressed and paniced and ewww that I made myself too sick. I was medically unfit for a minor day surgery. Actually, the phone call between Dickhead and I Tuesday night made me feel worse. I spent all day Wednesday in bed, vomiting, dizzy and major headache like nothing before. I couldnt even walk. Or hold a conversation.

Sunday DH and I fought. Within and hour I was unconcious, I couldnt breathe and passed out.

Tuesday night I passed out on the phone DURING and argument with DH. I couldnt breathe, and was too weak to get up and find my meds.

It couldnt contine. I cant kill myself to do this thing with him that has me so scared. That post before? the puzzle? I was buying into his business. Suffice to say it was more complicated than that, and involved him doing me quite a favour in order for me to do this with him, and enable him to expand. (he owns his own thing too). That favour would leave me EXTREMELY vulnerable. And in the end, I wasnt sure I could do it. My fucktardary was too big for me to overcome. My doubts were too much, I couldnt squash them. No matter what I say, it will sound biased, so believe me when I say that a substantial part of all this was MY fault. Even if you think it wasnt. Even if you think you know this story. No-one but he and I know it all, and only we know that both of us had our parts to play in the blame game. He might deny it, but he contributed. I dont know whose fault was bigger, I dont much care. Whats done is done. He hates me. It would seem that he does so quite pasionately.

I wish things werent how they are. But I couldnt get what I needed from him, and faced with the decision, I made the only one I could. I tried, babe. I just wasnt good enough, I couldnt do it without your help, and you didnt do what I needed.

Now, somehow, I have to squash all of this down and get myself better. Because the whole reason for me existing is to care for that little boy who calls me mum. And he, well, he I cant risk, not for all the tea in china, plus a million other things besides


Its Worse Than I Even Imagined It Would Be

August 31, 2006

It wasnt “brad Fittler”, but another celestial object who wrote the song that is my theme these past few days.

To quote a line:


A big hug is the prize for guessing that one correctly. A big hug to ME that is. Because I need it.

Oh God. Save Me.

August 29, 2006

I feel so sick.

I am being torn 8 ways from Sunday.

My loyalties and beliefs are being tested IN THE EXTREME.

What do I do?

No matter what I do, I’ll fuck something up.

I dont want to be a grown up anymore. Im not as big as I think I am.

Im terrified. That is for once, not an exaggeration.

Every option results in disaster. I lose, no matter what.

The next few days will prove if I have grown up.

I just hope I dont screw up Bugalugs.

I could handle it if I destroy myself , but not him.

Failure is not an option. But its the only choice I have available.

So what the fuck do I do now?

Too Much Steph????

August 28, 2006

Me = Stupid 

Thanks Aurs for pointing it out.

Seems Steph in the comments isnt Steph, but instead is Steph.


Perhaps I should have noticed, but I didnt.

I have, in my mind and this blog at least, melded 2 Stephs into one.

Sorry Steph. Sorry Steph.

Any more Stephs out there? Just so I know……

My Brain is Fucked. I Have No Memory WHATSOFUCKINGEVER

August 28, 2006

In case all of the 100 people I keep asking to remind me of things collectively forget:

Honey, its bin night darl.

Thankyou. That is all.




August 28, 2006

Theyre baaaaaack

And they ate my post


And it was freaking brilliant

Just for once.

I didnt hide anything

In fact I probably said waaaaaaay too much

and gave too much detail

but it did make me feel better

i wish i wasnt so lazy. because then Id do it again.

if anyone caught it on RSS could you PLEASE email me it?? Pretty please?? I’ll be your best friend!!

No More Headaches For Steph

August 27, 2006