the waiting game

i hate waiting

i dont do it well

i have no patience

i never know how long to wait for. how long is too long where it undermines your position? makes you weak and vulnerable? lets others take advantage of your situation, because you have armed them with all the information and they hold all the power? while you remain clueless and at their mercy? a part of your life dependant on their decision, in limbo until you get their feedback and can move forward?

to me the whole time spent waiting is time spent eating away your strength and power. it puts you at a disadvantage, and its almost impossible to get it back.

im waiting now.

and all i want to do is grab it by the balls and take it back. stop waiting. stop from turning into a powerless, pathetic, dependent THING. theres only one thing holding me back: what if the decision went my way?

so where do you draw the line?
how long do you wait?

where is the balance where the power loss outweighs the possibility of getting what you want?

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One Comment on “the waiting game”

  1. rpgking34 Says:

    I cannot stand the waiting game. Especially with girls!

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