it just had to be done. PIA and i have spent the afternoon perving whilst watching this movie. Ok so weve seen it a million times. Ok so it has like, NO PLOT. Who cares? We had a ball, both of us drooling over the cars, as well as me perving on vin diesel and her at michelle rodriguez. actually i really like that rodriguez too, very pretty girl that one, and not your usual hollywood blonde bimbo only there to screw the lead actor. this one gets roles where she has some balls. always attractive in a woman. PIA reckons if she was into guys, shed prefer paul walker. sigh. i guess that shows why shes a lesbian – she has NO CLUE when it comes to men!
And on a whole other note, but here because i only just got it sent to me and im too lazy to do another post (and ive only just figured out this spiffy way of uploading pics) this provided me with a good laugh.

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