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on DH, phone calls, and my new friend

April 25, 2007

 i want you to watch me kiss her. carress her. i want you to see me take her nipple into my mouth, suck, lick, nibble, flick it with my tongue, cup her breast in my hand as i do. slide my other hand over her hair, her cheek, her neck, her shoulder, down to the small of her back, pull her in closer, run my hand over her ass, squeezing it gently, then tighter, pulling her against me.

i want you to watch me lay her back on the couch, slipping in to kneel between her feet, slide her jeans over her hips and off her long legs, running my hands back up the outside of her legs, over her thighs, and back down again, feeling her smooth skin. i want you to wach me drink her in with my eyes, committing her body to memory, as i slide my hands back up her legs again, this time on the inside, gently parting her legs as i go, slowly leaning further in, closer to her

my hands  finally reaching her thighs, spreading her ever more, gently,my face so close i can smell her. i want you to watch as i slowly and softly touch the tip of my tongue to her pussy, lightly licking at the top of her, as i watch her face for her reaction. i want you to see me do it again, and agin, getting slightly firmer and further in each time. i want you to see me pull her legs open a little more, and dip my head to lick softly along her from bottom to top. then again, a little firmer, a little deeper, feeling her relax into me, again and again until my tongue is flat against her, lapping along her from her opening to her clit.

i want to feel you watching me as i focus on her clit, rubbing my tongue on her, flatly licking, then flicking it with the tip of my tongue, then sliding back down along her, tasting her response to me.

i want you to see me take my hand from her thigh, and softly slip it over her mound, massaging her, my fingertips finding her clit and rubbing softly, slipping further down. i want to watch you watch me dip my index finger into her, hear her gasp as i enter, you watch my finger slipping into her, and sliding slowly back out. i want to watch you watching me slowly fuck her with my finger until she relaxes, only to gasp again as my middle finger joins the first, slowly fucking her.

i want you to hear her softly moan as you watch me tongue her pussy again, rubbing her clit with my tongue, breathing gently onto her, tasting her, fucking her, not taking my eyes from you. i want you to be so turned on that you take your cock out and touch yourself. i want to see you slowly stroke yourself as i continue to lick her and finger her. i want to see that i am turning you on.

now that i know how much i am affecting you i turn more attention to her. i lick her a little firmer and faster, twisting my fingers a little as i push them in, then twist the other way as i pull them out. i slip my other hand off her as she starts moaning and writhing beneath me, and i start touching myself, rubbing my clit softly, round and round in tiny circles. i hear you sigh and i smile, my tongue never leaving her, tasting her, lapping at her as my other hand finds my own wetness.

i look over to see that me playing with myself is exciting you more. that just gives me even more incentive and desire, and i fuck her harder, and lick her more intensely. im getting so hot, licking her, feeling her body respond, and watchiing you stroke yourself as you watch me. i stop fucking her with my fingers, turning my hand upwards and curl my fingers to massage her sweet spot, workingmy tongue harder and faster on her clit. she writhes even more below me, moaning more and louder, swearing, pleading, rubbing and pulling at her nipples with her fingers. she notices you touching yourself and it works her up more.

i feel her getting closer, squirming beneath me, her breathing getting harder, moaning more, her pussy tightening around my fingers. i work at her harder, moving my hand from between my legs to hold her steady,as she is moving around more and more. im loving the feel of her softness against my tongue, feeling how wet she is on my fingers, having her slowly dampening my palm as she gets closer to coming. i glance over to see your hand moving faster, your eyes fixed on mine, blowing me a kiss, letting me know allof this is between us, even though we arent touching, as your gaze drops to my mouth covering her pussy again, as i pull back a little to let you see better as my tongue flicks her clit, then i turn my attention back to her as i know she cant wait any more, and either can we.

i suck her clit into tmy mouth gently, teeth ever so softly holding her as i suck on her, massaging her with my tongue as i increase the pressure within her with my fingers. it doesnt take much of this until her voice raises, her back arches and she comes, bucking her hips softly as she sontracts around my fingers, drenching my hand as i keep going, drawing as much from her as she will let me before it becomes too much to bear and she backs away. i release her from the hold i have on her clit, gently pull my fingers from within her and lap at her gently, tasting her, licking her clean of the orgasm i took from her, smiling over at you as i do, allowing her to rest and settle as i slow my tongue on her lips, and gently kiss her hips, running my hands lightly along her thighs.

as my breathing begins to slow and i drag myself back from the pleasure she brought me, i realise you arent sitting in your seat any more. before i have time to worry or wonder where you are i feel your hand on the small of my back. before i have time to realise what is going on, i feel your cock pushing into me. the shock and pleasure of you entering me from behind has me groaning and pushing back against you, eagerly wanting to feel your hardness within me.

i am so wet already that you slide in easily, taking it slow and deliberate, knowing how i love to feel the exquisitness of your thickness penetrating me for the first time. finally i feel your pelvis against my ass as you settle inside me, enjoying the brief moment before you start fucking me. you pull out almost all the way and slide into me again, a little faster this time, a little harder. again you pull back, almost the whole way, so far i think maybe you will leave me, only to have you push back in, harder and faster again, making me moan as you fill me. again and again you do this, gradually getting harder and faster, sometimes pulling all the way out, making me whimper, only to return harder, faster, deeper than before, driving me crazy, making me desperate to have you, wanting all of you and still more, feeling so good i almost cant stand it. i adjust my position slightly making it easier for  you, opening my legs a little more for you, your balls starting to brush against my clit, my head lowering to rest against her thigh as i give in to you, she is watching you as she slowly regains her composure.

your hands on my ass as you take me, you feel so hard from watching me earlier, your occasional groans of pleasure go unheard as i cant stop moaning from how good you feel, filling me, knowing neither of us have long to wait, feeling you pleasing me, riding me with abandon as i succumb to you……..

feeling how hard you have made me cum on your cock is all you need, and as i start to subside i feel you swell and pulse within me, closing my eyes i concentrate on how amazing you feel as you give in and cum inside me. as you finish you slip from me and seat yourself, exhauseted and satisfied between my feet. still panting i turn and gently lick you until you subside, tasting us both together,along with the taste of her still in my mouth, softly and gently licking you clean, carressing you with my mouth until you are settled.

as you relax and my breathing begins to return to normal, i feel a gentle hand softly slipping over my pussy…….

she has recovered


Thinking of Dickhead

April 2, 2007

So last night he and I were chatting online for a bit. Its quite bizzare the way things are at th moment. To me at least. Its comfy like nothings changed, but its also stunted like everythings different. I dont know how to explain it, and im not sure I want to, even to me. So we were chatting about how horny I was (right before my period – you know how it is) and he was asking me what I was thinking…..

Which got me to thinking…..

And then I couldnt stop……and I still cant…… what am i missing about him? What am i thinking about him? Well……

He always smells so good. I love when he visits, specially when he sits next to me on the lounge and the breeze from the window wafts his scent towards me. I love moving in closer and nuzzling into his neck and chest to breathe him in….

I love running my fingers along his jawline, down his neck, and gently caressing his collarbone, fingertips toying with the chain he wears around his neck, taking in his soft skin below his chest hair, enjoying the contrast between masculinity and sensitivity.

Snuggling in to his side, resting my head against his broad chest, sighing softly with his breathing, feeling his big strong arm snaking around my shoulders and back, feeling warm and protected, even somewhat submissive to his strength. His arms are gorgeous and one of the first things that attracted me to him, and they get my heart pounding and my mouth watering almost every time I see them, let alone feel them wrapped around me.

Snaking my arms around his middle, burrowing myself into his side, sensing his contentment an relaxedness, wallowing in the closeness, allowing my arm to rest across his nether regions, knowing he wont stay relaxed for long anymore….

Feeling his hand carress my head, running his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp, my hand softly caresssing his chest, playing with the medallion at the end of his chain, dropping to run my fingertips lightly over theinside of his calf, fingernails gently tracing patterns, feeling his breathing deepen slightly, tracing my fingers slowly higher up the inside of his leg…….

Feeling his weight shift slightly below me, ever so slightly disturbing the air around us, sending another whiff of his cologne to my senses, a deep breath inwards, my fingers tracing the growing firmness contained within his jeans, mere inches from my face, picturing what awaits behind the curtain made by his zipper…..

Feeling his hand wandering from my hair to my shoulders and back, gently increasing his pressure, massaging my skin, sending shivers down my spine even though the touch of his hand is warm, spreading heat in its wake…..

Feeling his body start to writhe ever so slightly beneath my wandering fingers, tracing their patterns languidy across his chest, his thighs, and the hardness becoming more prominent between them…..

His breathing becoming deeper and slightly more rapid, as his hand moves up my back and his fingertips softly caressing the back of my neck, sending shivers of delight tearing down my spine, adding to the heat steadily growing between my thighs….

His hand running down my back and squeezing the cheeks of my arse, as i lower my mouth to his zipper and gently bite through the denim, feeling the hardness within and the heat of my breath, making my mouth water in anticipation….

Feeling his hands run over my body to my breasts, responding to the dull ache that has been steadily growing within, gently massaging them then not so gently, a display of his desire for what is now inevitable (as if there is ever a question of my compliance) as I loosen his belt, purposefully drawing out the process of undoing his button and sliding down his zipper….

A slightly akward moment as he helps me to remove his jeans and trunks, releasing his manhood from its now uncomfortable confines, quickly returning to our comfortable positions as I envelop him in my eager mouth…..

Revelling in the contrast of his soft smooth skin over his hardness, running my tongue over and around the head as I feel him settle and relax beneath me, his hands caressing my back and arse, the pressure of his movements changing in reponse to how much of him I have taken into my mouth, or released again to softly lick at his shaft…..

Snaking my hand down to gently cup and caress his balls as I pleasure my tongue with exploring every inch of his shaft, returning again and again to lick at the head, taking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, gently sucking as I take the length of him in, and back out of my warm wet mouth, loving the way it feels, the thickness that fills my mouth, the length that is too much to take in in one go and needs to be worked up to, the taste of his skin, the sound of his breathing changing in response to my actions, the soft low moans and groans that occassionally slip unbidden and unrealised from his mouth, the soft gentle sound of his sighs as I enjoy myself with his cock…..

Gently untangling myself from his arms, slipping forward to rest on my knees between his legs, without removing his member from my lips, settling myself for the long haul, fully intending to satiate myself with him in my own time,  looking up at him, seeing the pleasure on his face mirroring the way I feel….

Taking my time, not missing a single part of him, alternating between lapping at the head of his cock, sucking the length of him, licking his shaft, gently sucking his balls, rolling them in my mouth, massaging them with my tongue, gently pulling the skin that covers them between my lips, lavishing the attention of my mouth, teeth, tongue and lips from his arse to his tip, feeling him come to the brink, backing off, changing tactics while he settles a little, then bringing him back time and again until I can no longer wwait to taste him, feel his warmth flood my mouth, feeling him twitch and pulse win my mouth, gently licking him until his firmness has reverted completely to softness once more, gently lapping at him with the tip of my tongue until his breathing has settled… savouring the taste of him in my mouth as he relaxes, spent, happy and satisfied……….

Kissing him gently, feeling his warm tongue exploring my mouth, connecting, eyes closed, senses alert, mind switched off, my hands gently caressing his stubble along his cheek and jaw, fingertips brushing his earlobes, hands running south, along his strong arms, wrapped around me, pulling my shirt down over shoulders, releasing my  breasts from the cups of my bra….

His fingers rolling and pulling at my nipples, palms caressing and massaging their fullness, lowering his head to take one in his mouth, licking and sucking, making my body respond as only he can….

His hands wandering over every inch of me, working my body into wanting him even more, working my mind at the same time, driving me crazy with desire, putting thoughts in my mind, creating mental images, drawing on memories of times past and fantasies of the future, until im naked not only in body but in mind too, thinking only of my need for him…..

His hands positioning me as he wishes, searching out my centre, fingers slipping and sliding, entering my warmth, learning of the wetness he has created within me, knowing the deepest parts of me….

Kissing me, held beneath him, now rubbing at my clit until I almost cannot bear the exquisitness he is forcing me to feel, whispering to me, refusing to let me back away, willing me to keep going, knowing it is he who is responsible for my lack of control, for the enormous physical and mental build up and explosive release, all held in his hands……

Feeling his firmness enter me, the feeling of connectedness, of being full, complete, of sharing one another, knowing each other body and soul as only lovers can, taking from each other the physical enjoyment we both want and need, whilst simultaneously giving the same in return, feeling him slide back, only to reurn to me once more, again and again and again, until my world shatters, my body and mind in a place that doesnt exist without him, my entire being both filled and fulfilled by him, until slowly, slowly, returning to reality, spent, breathless, relaxed, completely comfortable, completely myself, and yet part also of him, and he of me, having shared a part of ourselves with each other, receiving in return the part of the other that we ourselves gave up.

Satiated. My hunger for him fulfilled, and yet instantly beginning to grow once more. I can never get enough of him.

Bloggy Suggestions & Conversations With Dickhead

February 26, 2007

So someone suggested they join Dickhead and I for a threesome. I talked to him about it. He reacted as men do when confronted with other men showing an interest in them. Lets say less than impressed. HA HA HA HA

Someone suggested I spill all about the last threesome. I talked to him about it. Just for once he WASNT against me spilling all our private shit on teh interwebs. So look forward to a DETAILED account. HA HA HA HA (So babe, do i include measurements with these descriptions? tee hee hee! How about photos?)

Someone suggested I post a photo of my tits on teh interwebs on my birthday. I talked to him about it. He laughed. I asked if he would be shocked if I did. He said not really. Since teh hawtness of my chesticles is soon to be lost forever, you may just get your wish. (somebody check on surfer, he’s likely to be having palpitations!)

So Cheeky Miss who is currently the object of my desire has a man. A man who doesnt know she plays with MY man as well as me. (to each their own. im usually not ok with it, but hell, shes a grown up, and i dont have that long to be so god damned prudish) He wants to see his missus with her girlfriend. Imagine the odd conversation with Dickhead….

Me: “So babe, (insert back story) and she was wondering if I would let her make a video call to him so he could watch us kiss”
DH: “….okaaaaaayyyy?”
Me: “But I thought Id check how you felt first”
DH: “pffft. I get to be there AND join in. What do I care?”

Sigh. Dickhead. He’s such a……… MAN.

So following on from that, turns out he had a conversation with his business partner the other day. Old Yeller (as we shall now call him, although he isnt actually a Golden Retriever) is lovely. He is learning to speak english so i cant really have a conversation with him (Bugalugs says he doesnt know how to talk properly yet) but he is one of those peole you meet and instantly like. The way he learnt to say “Hello Honey” is GORGEOUS. His pronunciation makes you go all warm and fuzzy. Its just so cute! He also tells Dickhead that he doesnt know how I put up with him LOL. Gotta love a man like that. He also says Dickhead is crazy. Cant argue there. There was also a time where I was particularly horny and Dickhead was 10 minutes down the road from my house on a jobsite, and I was sending him text messages telling him how I thought he should ditch Old Yeller and the boys, and come over, that i wanted to suck him off so badly….etc etc etc. When he said he couldnt because Old Yeller was in the car with him, I suggested he make Old Yeller catch a cab. Apparently Dickhead laughed so much at my obvious desire and persistance (nevermind smuttyness) that he had to explain why he was laughing so hard. Old Yeller told Dickhead to drop HIM off here instead! LOL. 

So anyhoo…. When Cheeky Miss and I had discussed the possibility of her coming to see me today (she lives an hr & a half away) he told Old Yeller that he might not be able to work on Monday. Then he told him that his missus is Bi, and her girlfriend might be coming over for the day….. What a fucking conversation to have with your business partner huh? Poor Old Yeller. I think he had a heart attack. He wasnt impressed. LOL. What can I say? Honey is a kick arse wife!

So anyhoo…… point was that today he asked if i was ok with him taking a photo (nothing TOO revealing) to show Old Yeller. Just to piss him off. LOL. Dickhead is such a stirrer. God love him. Of course I said ok. Who knows, maybe that will end up here too one day.

Lord knows theres enough nekkid shots of me floating around on teh interwebs etc pre-Bugalugs (ir when honey was an uber hot 18yr old young thing). Whats another one or two?

Poor Dickhead is practically falling over himself right now. A lesbian friend of mine who ive played around with a few times before wants to see what a real live (warm, bloodfilled) cock is like. This from a girl who wont even buy an authentic looking dildo for fucks sake! She has decided (knowing that I let DH play sometimes) that DH is a trustworthy, considerate man, and that she would possibly like to try him out. (coz my man is just like a pair of Ferragamo’s – lustworthy and precious, but still a possibility to borrow off a close friend). She asked if she can come see me, and have Dickhead there too. Hmmm. A threesome with your missus who is 13yrs your junior, and a full on lesbian wanting to try cock for the first time. Can you imagine whats running through his head right now? Poor baby. He must be ready to explode (pun intended – show me a guy that wouldnt go hard at the thought of being faced with that prospect)

Dickhead and I had a long conversation over lunch and coffee today. An important one. One that we have had a million times before.Some of what I took from it was really good. There was nothing particularly bad. A tiny hiccup that bothered me but I soon realised I was being silly. The fact that I thought it at all though doesnt bode well. Mostly it was stuff that had been said, and said, and said before. Its a delicate subject. And a difficult one. One that both of us feel so strongly about, that its hard to see past our own crap and understand the other’s.

Yes I have given in. Yes I did allow hi to win it. To have it his way. Because I have fought this battle for over a year, and not gained a millimetre let alone an inch. I have 3 weeks left with him. Much of what Im doing is giving in. Why? Because. Because I made a decision. Because I would rather enjoy what I can out of those 3 weeks, than leave him and have nothing more. Sure, Im not getting everything I want, but Im getting something. And to me, Id rather something than nothing. At least on this issue. If things werent the way they are, Id make a totally different decision. But they ARE how they are. Yes Im taking the easy way out. Because the hard (yet correct) path to take means no-one wins. No-one gets anything at all, except a bunch of hurt and regret.

Two things I simply do not have time for.

Fuckers Are Messing With Me

January 30, 2007

So welcome to my 3 new arrivals to the blog. That I know in real life. Two I helped, one found it herself (little miss smarty pants).

Thankyou Dickhead for pointing out the error in my last post. And thankyou for lying to me just to see my reaction. And please kindly tell me next time it IS your finger in my ass and you choose to “just see what youd do” when you dont admit it. You. Sick. Fucker.

Can the person who said they cried twice in one night reading my blog please not? Its not that bad, surely? No seriously, what I wrote about you was not supposed to do that. And either was the bit about dying. Im here now, lets just enjoy that, and worry about the rest later, mkay?

And as for the one who said he sat there crying like a bitch – suck it up baby and get me my coffee! Cmon, the only thing you like more than my sexy arse is my smart arse!

That new ad with Sigrid freaking thornton? Whom i hate? Your WRONG biatch. Most Smoking related illnesses are NOT slow and painful ways to die! Its freaking FAST! Didnt you read my “facts” post? Theres something thats NOT “whats good for you”. Fuck off. You Suck.

What the fuck is this new andrew okeefe show? Rich List? This has apparently been on before? Shows i dont watch much tv, hey. What I want to know is, if those 2 guys have supposedly never met before, why do they dress in tandem? And how flamingly gay is the skinny one? And how weird are his eyebrows? And does he get his make up done by bert newtons makeup artist? And if so, why? Actually, WHY is a very apt question to ask about the entire show. I dont get it. I know i didnt watch much, but still. And why is the skinny guy trying to jump n hump the fat one all the time? I didnt hink even gay men liked strange men jumping all over them. Particularly ones with bert newton makeup on. On national tv.

96.1fm i love you but that K-Sera girl fucking pisses me off. Stop talking about your “home boys” and your “peeps”. You sound like a fuckwit. And interviewing and editorialising are two COMPLETELY different things. Look one up. Id suggest looking them both up but im not sure you can spell. You make me cringe. I get gangsta speak. I like rnb, hip hop and rap. i like crunk. i know who tupac and biggie et al are (and am aware of the hilarity of using et al in that sentence). I know you do. But you sound as try hard and ridiculous as those callers “giving a shout out to all the 2142 boyz, representin it yo!” K-Sera, i may be wrong, but behind all that “frontin” and “representin” you do, you can construct a coherant sentence. You can use words that arent monosyllibic. I think you may have gone to school. Uni even. So please, your not fooling anyone. You arent black, your not from detroit, and you arent tough. In fact, when I hear you speak, i get visions of you holding something small, cute, and fluffy. And liking it.

Im in a weird place. Stuff is happening. And not happening. And my brain wont think, the fucker. Id give alot just to be able to think again. I dont like not being smart. I know many of you wouldnt believe it, but im actually clever-like.


I was.

Cancers a cunt.

and normally i dont even use that word.

on a side note, the arabic seems to suddenly be sinking in. weird.

maybe it was all those fucking UBER hot lebbos I was hanging out with on sunday morning. phwoar! i mentioned my little addiction to dickhead, and how hot those arabs are, and all he did was laugh. the little fucker didnt even offer himself up for me to satiate myself with. damn. damn his frustratingness. damn their hotness. and by that i mean GOD DAMN!!!! lol. those lips, those eyes, those muscles, those accents, that confidence……


yes mr-you-know-who-you-are, i do remember your saying. this leb constantly tells me that i dont know how hard it is being a leb, having to film it everytime he fucks, so that at the end of it he can share it with his mates…….. a copy for each defence lawyer.

Bowing to Pressure

January 30, 2007

Well not really, because I was going to spill the beans anyway, but im too lazy to think of good titles (as we all know). So here it is. The post about what happened on Sunday.

Remember that girl I liked? M&M? Well Bugalugs and I went to lunch with her, her partner (Mr M&M) and her daughter (Little M&M). We went to Westfields near them, as on the top level (which I now know exists – excited much) they have live music, decent restaurants, and this week a petting zoo, which the kids loved.

Lunch was great, lots of food (that I couldnt even manage half of) and great company and easy conversation. Little M&M took ages to get over her shyness, which she did eventually, whilst Bugalugs went about chatting up the waitress, managing to scam some free chokkies and marshmallows. LOL. That kid finds friends everywhere he goes!

We had such a good time, that we continued on to McDonalds for the kids to play, and as Dickhead was finally finished work, he met us there, and got to meet M&M and her family.

We had such a good time that we ended up each going home to deal with the kids, pets, family, etc, and all making their way to my house for drinks.

Dickhead wasnt sure if he could come, but sure enough half hour or so after M&M and Mr M&M arrived, he walked in. The boys drank the obligatory beers, M&M was into her bourbon, and me? Well being the intelligent responsible adult that I am, I took my meds.

And then washed them down with 2 bottles of sparkly.

As you do! So please forgive me for being a little less than sure of the exact details, and having no clue whatsoever of the timeline for things. I will admit to having slightly less concern as to the fact that we had company, and yet i was cuddled up next to Dickhead on the lounge opposite Mr & Mrs M&M, and may or may not have been reaching back to covertly play with Dickheads cock through his jeans.


In fact, it was less a covert operation as a blatantly obvious one, and I cant say I even really realised that perhaps having company might not be the most polite thing to do at the time. Truth be told i was also playing with Ms M&M’s legs with my toes. Oops.

11pm rolls around and the M&Ms have a 30 minute drive and a 5.00 start. Dickhead has a 50minute drive and a 5.30 start. They start saying they will have to finish their drinks and go. Dickhead suggests that I kiss her. I tell him I cant, that nothing will happen, that she told me earlier that she had her period, you know, as girls do – we bitch about it.

Dickhead turns to Ms M&M. Beckons. Asks her to kiss me. She does. Mmmm.

Thats it. Next thing I know Im engrossed in exploring her soft mouth with my tongue, caressing her face, stroking her hair. Not noticing the  rather pleased with himself Dickhead on my right, nor the more than slightly surprised Mr M&M on my left. Shes lovely. Shes kissing me, Im kissing her, her hands drifting over my back and my hips, gently holding my head as I melt in the moment. Completely out of my head, unable to really think, just living in the moment. I slowly move down to kiss and lick the swell of her breast, gently moving her shirt aside and taking her nipple into my mouth, making her inhale, and me happy.

Im not entirely sure how we got there, but soon enough I had Dickheads cock in my mouth and her hands all over me. Not very long after that, Mr M&M was in the same situation with his woman.

Like I said, I was very drunk, so i will have to include plenty of “cut to” moments. Because I really dont know how I got there. Im really not good at writing this stuff. Im good at living it, and playing it in my head, but they arent so much moments and pictures that stay in my mind, its how it felt that keeps the memories there. There was much seeking of reassurance and permission, seeing as previously Dickhead has had serious trouble dealing with me fucking other men whilst we had split up. He IS arab, and arabs DO have issues with ownership and jeleousy. The whole thing shocked me, that he started it, with Mr M&M there.

I know one of his favourite moments of the evening was watching me play with Ms M&M’s breasts, massaging one with my hand, holding the other to my mouth to lick and suck and her nipple, hearing her enjoying me, watching me enjoying her. And I was, I really was. He loved when I moved between his legs and took him in my mouth, moving her in to join me, sharing him, having her take him int o her mouth while I licked and sucked at his balls, moving upwards, tracing the length of him with my tongue, metting her mouth at the top, kissing her, sharing the taste of him, the feel of each other, breaking apart to take him again with out tongues, softly licking over him, watching each other, feeling each other, pleasing ourselves with his smoothness and firmness, the delicious contradictions, returning again to the softness of each other, hands and mouths exploring each other, until Dickhead was left behind, not forgotten, but put aside while we immersed ourselves in each other.

Kissing and caressing, being gently pushed backwards until I was laying on the floor, Dickhead in my right hand, Mr M&M in my left, kissing and sucking one, then the other, while Ms M&M settled herself between my thighs, ever so softly and gently exploring me with her tongue, her lips, and her slow, gentle fingers. Softly and slowly, the warmth and wetness from her tongue relaxing, soothing, bringing out my warmth and wetness to join hers, making my body undulate with her ministrations, soft sounds unable to be contained, brought from my mouth to the boys ears, their reactions encouraging me to share my pleasure with them in turns.

Leaning forwards with Dickhead in my mouth (see what I mean about loving to suck cock?) massaging his length with my tongue, stroking him and caressing his balls in my hands as i re-aquainted my tongue with every inch of him, hands and fingers between my legs, firm masculine pressure inside of me, soft feminine pressure outside, sometimes melding so I could no longer tell who was who, working me up, making me more and more intent and intense with pleasuring my man, while Ms M&M and her man pleasured me.

Ms M&M taking Dickhead into her mouth, Mr M&M kissing me, both of us kneeling, entwined with one another, his fingers incessantly searching inside of me, kissing me, kissing him, kissing me, releasing my lips as i moved down, taking him in to my mouth, feeling the differences of him to my man, the similarities, learning how he feels, what he responds to, how he feels on my tongue.

Ms M&M moving Dickhead, encouraging, asking him to take me, reclining with her man to watch as he did as she requested, settling himself on top of me,  entering me as I stroked his cheek, pulling him in to kiss me, my other hand smoothing over his ass, familiarising with his tempo, as Mr M&M’s hand carressed Ms M&Ms breasts.





There is, as always, plenty Im not saying here, and I wont. Some things I think are better for not saying them, by keeping them private, its somehow more special, more intimate.

Theres also alot i was just quite simply too drunk to know, or remember, or be able to explain.

I must say im glad that Dickhead and I have a strong enough relationship for me to be able to ask “babe, you were fingering me at one stage there, right?” and know he wouldnt be offended that i wasnt able to tell if it was him or not. (for the record, i was pretty sure, and I was right). And you have to be glad when you can say to your partner when he asks what you wanted to know about that night is “who was it that was fingering my arse?” and not have him freak out. His biggest concern about that was whether or not i liked it. (and for the record it wasnt him)

Dickhead and I have our problems as a couple. We have our problems as individuals too. What we have is fucked up, its not normal, its not right, and it never will be.


What we have is special. Nobody reading this will understand just how special, because there are 3 vital bits of information that I will not reveal. But for us to be strong enough to do this, considering those 3 things? Well, it leaves me speachless.

I know! I never thought Id say that either!

So babe, if you read this? That things thats such a big deal to me? It may be big in a bad way, but this is even bigger, and in a good one.

I guess it just reminds me that i, you know, like you and shit.


Drunken Debauchery continues unabated

January 29, 2007

LAST NIGHT was an absolute corker!

I promise to regail you all with the tale, which kicks the ass of the recent threesome story.

And Dickhead was there so no details need to be held back. W00T!!

But for now, Im trying to finish updating the blogroll, that ive been doing for 2 weeks now.


June Dally Watkins didnt cover this….

January 29, 2007

So then, Ms Queen of Manners for Every Situation, what does your finishing school have to teach us about the correct ettiquette for every situation in this mornings lesson?

Dont have anything planned?

Want to take questions from the class?

You do? Excellent!

Then tell me, Ms Watkins, I discovered that my vibrator has dissappeared. Uhuh. It has! Its not where I keep it! I checked in the bed, looked under the covers and all the pillowy goodness, and nuthin! I got down on my hands and knees and peered underneath the bed on the floor, still nuttin!

So tell me, how exactly do I ask my 6yr old son if he has taken his mummys favourite toy?

You know, without telling him what it is, scarring him for life, or possibly alerting him to its presence if he doesnt actually have it?

Go on. Tell me that.