You’ve got mail

you just have to love email dont you?

its like your normal mailbox, only worse.

you still get bills. you still get letters from people you know just saying hi or whatever (and just like your real mailbox, these are far outnumbered by the rest of the mail you receive). you still get boring statements. unsolicited mail addressed to you like you should know what the hell they are on about. requests for donations (to which i suggest that even if you dont support that charity, use it as a reminder to donate again to one that you DO support).

and then you get stuff like i did today. 8, yes count them, EIGHT emails from people who obviously know me somehow, but for the life of me i cannot remember them. even allowing for people who i used to speak to and either got the shits with or got bored of, thats still gotta leave at least one person who for no good reason i cannot remember.

so i ask you, if you were one of these 8 strangers, let me know who the hell you are and how i know you. or more to the point, how come i DONT know you.

but then again, ill probably forget.

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