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And Here I Was, This Whole Time, Thinking We Were Chatting, When Really, It Was A Blog Post (a.k.a. My Post With The Longest Title In Living History)

October 31, 2006

MSN Tonight…..

Aurelius: I can recognise a wanker when i see one, and you’ve been clocked. – you are a lovely wordsmith
Honey:  lmao, yeah, i can hear your sarcasm from here
Aurelius:  no, none at all
Honey:  really? coz everyone says i write like shit lol
Aurelius:  sure, it’s not “pointy point” but i love it – you’ve been clocked
Honey:  well the fucker has. he does this shit too much.
Aurelius:  i dont care if you get a nobel prize for literature my dear, pointy point will remain your high-point
Honey:  and i hate that we were claled idiots, and the freaking media doesnt pick up on that. it makes us LOOK LIKE THE IDIOTS HE CALLED US. fuckers.
Honey:  ive said pointy point for years. its just part of my vocab
Aurelius:   you are becoming a preacher for moderate islam my dear
Honey:  no, i am as always, a preacher for KNOWLEDGE. and if people THOUGHT about shit, and looked into it themselves, theyd see that the media are more full of propoganda than the preachers themselves
Aurelius:  you know, for a bogan westy (INSERT MY HOME TOWN HERE) chickie, you’re pretty cluey….
Honey:  i simply find myself defending not only (DICKHEADS REAL NAME), but my intelligence for dating him
Honey:  this conv is fast becoming blog fodder, you know that right?
Aurelius:  is it?
Honey:  i keep telln yaz, im smart, llike
Honey:  i hate that the fact that i date a muslim, means i am a poster child for the brainwashed. that i have to defend him, and my being with him, my intelligence for dating him, as well as my ability to keep my ability to make my own decisions, and that any jokes made are laced with malice
Honey:  and any problem i have, i get slammed as being an idiot in the first place for dating a leb/muslim/arab
Honey:  why is it his culture, and not the fact that he is a dickhead?

It summed things up perfectly, I thought.

So tell me, why when Dickhead does something stupid/insensitive/annoying/that i bitch about/inerrantly male do some people feel the need to say “well Honey, thats what you get for dating a leb/muslim/arab”

Is that all he is?

Is all I am a woman dating that?

Do you think he was one of THOSE leb/muslim/arab men that I would care for him like I do?

Just how stupid do you think I am?


maybe dont answer that last one……..


Chucking A Steph

October 31, 2006

I dont usually, but i had to.

Check her

Fucking awesome.

I wet my pants laughing.

Just like being home.

(can you tell im homesick?)

Is It Just Me?

October 31, 2006

Or did Sheik Taj Aldin Alhilali (a.k.a. Australia’s Biggest Fucktard) actually be MORE offensive in his slack arsed apology-that-wasnt-apologising than in his initial retarded comment?

PERSONALLY, I didnt find his comments about cats and uncovered meat to be as bad as it was made out to be (albeit certainly not a compliment!). My thoughts were, and are, that if a man has no more control overhimself and his own actions than that of a lowly cat, then more fool the man. Iwould have been rather offended if I was a muslim MAN (hi babe) being told I was so easily led, and incapable of self control and forethought. I thought his comments were rather slack to muslims in general, a religion that is supposedly quite big on preaching self control, restraint, and responsibility for ones own actions. A religion that just finished fasting for A MONTH, which to my understanding is meant to remind followers of pennance, restraint, denying oneself in order to be more appreciative, and piousness.

But, like so many other followers of that faith, and indeed of EVERY faith, it seems that its “religion when it suits me”, and the rest of the time who gives a fuck?

Back to his so-called “apologetic statement” that I heard of today, his comments were “not intended for non-muslims to hear” and “not appropriate to be understood by western mentality”


I beg your fucking pardon?????

So what, not only are we (fellow skin baring western women like myself) asking to be raped (just like all those 80 year old women who are safely tucked up in their beds, in their own house, with the door locked who get raped are so OBVIOUSLY asking for it) and only have ourselves to blame for daring to conform to the constraints of our own culture (aha, our own culture, which isnt like yours, but nevertheless is the one we believe in and follow, and may i remind you is the one in which you chose to live) but skips are now stupid too?

Well, Im no idiot. I can recognise a wanker when i see one, and you’ve been clocked.

The debate about preaching in english isnt important to me. Jews for example, have hebrew services. Whatever. But I do subscribe to the idea that permanent residents and citizens of a country should speak its national language. That goes for ALL countries as far as im concerned. A working grasp of the countrys language should be a requirement.

Ive heard your crap before. I think you are an attention seeker. I think alot of your wording is aimed at pot-stirring. I think you incite extremist muslims, inflame tensions, and outrage non-muslims on purpose. To that end Im probably playing into your hands, along with the rest of us.


I think your little plan will backfire. The coming generations have ample numbers of extremists yes, but extremists, by their nature, dont last. They are the believers who use up all their passion in a short burst. They will not last, will not stay the course. Many of them are in their teens and early 20’s. ALL men in their teens and early 20’s overreact to everything. Its not passion and belief, its excess testosterone. It passes, they grow out of it. As with all religions, followers are becomming slacker and slacker, picking and chosing the parts they practise, to fit-in with the modern way of life. I know many young people who call themselves “believers”. Only ONE is celibate. Celibacy is something most religions preach as being a requirement. Its not fun, so people dont do it. Many other ‘requirements’ arent fun, and are ignored also. I am yet to meet a single young muslim man in particular who iisnt trying to fuck everything with tits that moves. Put more effort into making your followers better muslims, and more effort into convincing people that Islam is the path to God. You would better serve Allah by that, than offending and causing trouble. We are ALL Gods children, even those of us who have been misled. I dont think HE would be really happy with you being nice to his kids? We might not be his favourite, but he still loves us.

Islam encourages learning, I suggest you take a moment and think. Learn to speak English. Have a lok around you, step out of your insulated existance and LEARN about the world you disparage. UNDERSTAND the way the modern world, and the country in which you live WORKS. Learn the WHYs not just the WHATs.

To me, I think that would better serve everyones interests. Because your just making it harder for everyone.

Im dating a muslim. Do you think that these sorts of views being expressed make me feel more secure?

Do you think it makes it easier for your followers to live side by side, day by day, dealing with these westerners you are so against?

Lets say for a moment, that Dickhead and I got married.

If these are the views you say he should have, that would mean he thinks his wife is a slut. Is that something you want? That would mean I thought my husband was fuckwit. Is that going to be condusive to a long and happy marriage? 

I doubt it. 

Accountants Aren’t Dull, Mang!!1!

October 31, 2006

I needed Dickhead’s postcode, so I rang him quickly, asked, he told me, and I hung up. Cooking dinner for Bugalugs at the same time as doing some work, I didnt have the time to chat just then.

FYI – On Monday, (after delaying it from sunday like i was originally told) he was supposed to bring his boys up and get rid of that tree from my yard like he said he would IN JANUARY, but shit hit the fan, and it didnt happen.

Soon after Id hung up, an sms conversation ensued. Ive transcribed it here, now dont say ud accountants are boring, we go off!

Fo’ sho’ mo’fo’s!

Dickhead: Y did u want post code?

Honey: I need it 2 serve u with ur summons

Dickhead: Huh?

Honey: well u get a summons when someone sues u, dont u?

Dickhead: Wat u on about. Y r u sueing me?

Honey: or specific performance of boyfriend-ish duties. Coz it looks like the only way im gunna get u 2 do things

Dickhead: Hahaha. Really. Wat r u after?

Honey: Everything

Dickhead: Ok. Wats the real reason?

Honey: Coz numbers make me horny. Thats y im an accountant. I was getting you to talk dirty 2 me

Dickhead: Ok. I had my suspicions.

Honey: Keep going babe, im getting close…..


Why South Africa Need Not Fear 9/11 Style Attacks

October 29, 2006

As Jannie says “its funny coz its true” This one is kiff, had me pissing myself.


Task Status Update

October 29, 2006

Percentage Completed: NOT 100

Status: Failed

Report: When your woman, who is currently pissed off at you, BIG TIME, swallows her pride and puts faith in your promises to fix things, and goes ahead and sets about completing a mammoth task much to your benefit and greatly against hers, its is not a good idea to piss her off any more than you have already.

Honeys Helpful Hints: FOR OUTRIGHT IDIOTS

When your woman calls all THREE of your mobile phones, TWICE in one afternoon, after not hearing from your sorry arse all day, its a god idea to answer her. It is NOT advisable to not call her back.

I can pretty much guarantee that had I not been feeling this angry in the first place, and if this next “thing” hadnt happened, this task would have been MUCH closer to completion.

Its simple really, be nice to me, I will give ou the world. Be nasty? Prepare to face my wrath.

Dickhead, meet wrath.

Wrath, this is Dickhead.

Y’all have fun now, y’hear?

Oh My

October 29, 2006

Im very hungover.


And I have a MASSIVE task to get done today, without fail.

Oh my.

btw, woo hoo for my blog, which once again made it to the “fastest growing blogs” list on wordpress. Id party more, but my head hurts.

Oh my.