I have a friend who admits to sending random texts just to see what his friends reactions are. I do this from time to time too, but not soley for that purpose. Today I sent a stupid story to my boys, to illustrate a point with my ridiculousness. It went awry, and it brought a few things into the open, and opened my eyes to a few things i didnt know they thought about me. So I thought, hang on a second………..this gives me an idea. So i sent it to everyone catagorised under "friends" in my phone. (as opposed to family, or business contacts etc). The basic jist of it was:

Ive agreed to convert to Islam so I can marry Dickhead, and move to Lebanon with him permanently in a couple of months.

The responses were many and varied. I say:

To those who ignored me: you are no fun. i know its silly, but you could have at least come up with a response

To those who congratulated me and wished me luck: I hope you were being funny. Otherwise, thankyou? I think? i dunno…….

To the person who said "good": You crack me up

To the people who called me on it: You know me too well. lol.

To the people who felt compelled to warn me: Thankyou for being a good friend in being concerned. However, you are all silly silly silly people. I will assume that you were hungover like me today (not exactly unlikely to be true) and that in your brain addled state, you were so concerned for me that you overlooked the obvious

To the people who belieed it as gospel, and told me i was stupid: im sorry, WHO WAS STUPID?? FUCK OFF.

And so, the trophy goes to the following:

Runner Up: The person who congratuklated me, wished me luck with the language, said i would look hot walking around in bedding, and then made some suggestions. Suggestions being that – 1. I make sure there was a room for him to stay when he travelled overseas, as well as tour guides, 2. after spending time in Lebanon cementing family and friend ties with Dickheads side, that we should move our marital home to another country, so as to provide him with more places to stay at for free when travelling, and 3. that he would go and compile a list of suitable countries for us to move to right now and email me them. AND HE DID. Laugh. My. Arse. Off. You are a funny funny bastard!

WINNER: She who txtd me back, suggesting that Dickhead get off my phone and stop sending messages pretending to be me. Farkn funny bitch. You made me laugh


Dickheads response to me sending that text was to point out that moving to lebanon means he is entitled to have 4 wives and id have to share him.

My response was that he cant even handle me. Im already too much.


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7 Comments on “SMS SOS”

  1. MR IMMORTAL Says:

    I know who won. The shoe girl

  2. huniii Says:


    Your not allowed! I never agreed you were! You havent won that one yet!

    Your DICKHEAD here babe! LOL

    And theres more than 1 shoe loving diva around these parts! *wink*

  3. MR IMMORTAL Says:

    I can cause u know i am & this shoe loving dive knows who she is(ACT)

  4. huniii Says:

    i refuse to concede. I gave you the option of not being called Dickhead any more, and you chose for it to stay instead of changing it for the alternative I gave you.

    i may have posted 99 things that i like about you, but i dont recall you being “mr immortal” in any of them.

    babe, id be wary of outing people who have pictures to out YOU with. *mwah*

    i love you and all, but im not marrying you, nor moving to lebanon, nor calling you MR IMMORTAL.


  5. Imelda Says:

    The winner sounds like one pretty cool chick.

  6. huniii Says:

    Im applauding your effort. That bow is deserved.

    She just might be, she just might be.

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