Dear Readers

So to avoid any shitfights, and to limit any negative feelings caused by reading my blog, I've created this page. Its not a list of rules, were all adults here. Its my opinion on how I feel blogs should work, since this is my blog. You dont have to agree, you dont have to conform. You do however, have to accept the consequences of your actions.

 This is my blog. I write it for my benefit. If you get something from reading it, then more power to you. Even if its just to piss yourself laughing at my crapness.

I will not write something in here for the sole reason that you want me to. I will not omit something in here because you dont want me to write it.

If you want to contact me via email or msn, details of which I have made available, go for it. I dont mind. You can expect me to respond accordingly. If your friendly, I will be. If your doing it to be a fucktard, expect a right royal bollocking.

I dont always express myself perfectly. Writing is particularly hard because it can be interpreted so many different ways, 90% of which depend on the READER not the WRITER. If you have an issue with anything I write here, double check with me that you read it how I intended. We may have had a misunderstanding.

 By the same token, you might have got it right. I might have been pissed at you. That doesnt mean I still am. Every relationship has disagreements. And everyone has different opinions at different times. Sometimes I put mine here in print, where theres no hiding from them.

 I take ownership of what I write.

I will not censor you. However, I use nicknames. I protect peoples privacy. To the extent that they want it. If you identify yourself, then I will. Any comments taking the identification of someone else further than they want will be deleted. Im not editing it, for the simple reason that that would be censoring YOU and therefore hypocritical.

People who I am friends with in "real life" who read this need to understand that at some point hey wont like whats in here. Same works  in reverse. If you cant deal with that, then the answer is simple, dont read me. Because I dont edit myself for you.

This page will probably get a few more paragraphs, but right now I think thats more than enough. Id rather think that my friends and readers had brains and manners without being told to.


One Comment on “Dear Readers”

  1. Imelda Says:


    I can’t find your email address anywhere. I accepted the b4uparty invitation, but can’t find you. Email me ASAP please!

    Love ya xxx

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