Who Is Honey?

Hmmmmm, what to say to describe me…….
Well, apart from being certifiably INSANE (or perhaps the cause of said insanity) I guess the following (plus so much more) could be said of me:
* 26 year old chick
* mum to bugalugs who is 5
* small business owner in finance sector
* best friend, honorary guy, & sometimes mother hen to “The Boys”
* friend to a few girlies
* daughter to crazy parents & sister to 2 younger chicks
* carer of grandparents
* aussie-born crazy mix of cultures and religions that probably shouldnt go together, but do.

I guess a better description could be suggested by someone who knows me. The Boys, the few girls i mix with, and all the other guys that float around the outside have some pretty crazy combinations. They come from all walks of like, mix with different crouds, have vastly different interests, and come from a HEAP of different backgrounds. I’m like Kofi Annan. My get-togethers are like a UN convention. And thats just the way I like it.
Theres never a lull in conversation, your never at a loss for a topic, and theres ALWAYS a celebration coming up. (ie: excuse to get hammered, eat great food and PARTY!!!!)

Makes for plenty of blog fodder, too!
Check under “The Characters” for the who’s and what’s that make me and my blog so freakin nuts.
All of that stuff influences my life alot. It all goes into making me who I am, and explains so much of what i get up to, and the way I think about things.
Which is all what I blog about.


2 Comments on “Who Is Honey?”

  1. Carer of grandparents? Send them to the casino and pick them up at around 2012. Jobs a good ‘un

  2. Kofi Annan Says:


    Kofi here. We should get together sometime.

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