Much is happening.

Its time for me to make choices. Serious, life changing choices.

Im not well. Not in a good place. Tire so very easily. So much of my strength is simply gone. Physical, mental and emotional strength. Im almost completely empty. Its vapours, just vapours. And when I look inside the tank, I cant see how Im even managing to exist at all.

Not just my life, not just the path I take, but me, the very essence of me, is being decided.

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5 Comments on “DICKHEAD IS HOME”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    Be strong Hun!
    We’re all rooting for you….

  2. Suvvy Says:

    Vapors are at least still something. You can run on vapors, my car has proven it many times and I’m sure you can too until you find a way to fill up again. Not completely sure why I used a car analogy for you but tis the mind of this pregnant woman. Hope all starts going well. 🙂 (I don’t think I’ll ever get the job of writing fortune cookies LOL)

  3. MikeFitz Says:

    Best wishes Hunii! …except for your wish (on Surfercam’s blog) about some boys in blue shirts beating some boys in maroon shirts.

  4. lori Says:

    hunniii, keep the faith and keep strong in yourself.


  5. coyotemike Says:

    You get all my hugs for the week. All of them. And with each one, you can borrow some of my energy. Be strong, Huniii.

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