Please Excuse My Bloggy Absence

Dear Sir/Madam

Please excuse Honey from blogging recently as she has been sick. Duh.



Folks let me tell ya, its been weird. And full on. And not. Its all a bit weird and messed up and, well, stuff. And yes I know im not making sense. So Ill leave you for now with the good, the bad and the ugly….


Hmmm, well this category would have to include the fact that I have a new toy, with another on the way, thanks to my good friend Miss Noisy. Everygirl needs BOB sometimes, especially me seeing as Dickhead has been gone for 2months. No wonder the woman at the service station where i buy calling cards to talk to him has been commenting on the amount im spending, and asking “just how much phone sex are you two having?”


would include my financial mess, which honestly wouldnt be a problem if i just sat down and thought about it and shit, but i cant seem to get motivated/concentrate on anything for more than 5 seconds at the moment. also the fact that my phone is fucked. no idea whats going on there. 3 weeks till contract expires and i get offered something new and pretty and shiny. meh.


friday night at PJ Gallaghers and the fallout. nuff said.

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3 Comments on “Please Excuse My Bloggy Absence”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    Fallout from a bar? (assuming PJ Gallaghers is a bar) That can be read so many ways . . . you didn’t bring an ugly man home, did you? Cuz that would be bad 😛

  2. coyotemike Says:

    Oh, and stop being sick. That’s an order!

  3. huniii Says:

    Darln isnt most places i go somewhere that fits into the category of “a bar”? I didnt bring an ugly man home, no. I was touched inappropriately by Dickheads close friend. Id never bring home an ugly man, unless he was awesome in bed and promised to wear a bag over his head.

    Coyote the Second
    sir yes sir!

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