Google Searchers & Spammers

To the people who are searching for “big Dickhead”


To the people searching for “arabic boobs”

Mine ARE awesome, but im not arabic – thats dickhead and boobs arent something he has

To the person searching “upset at having cum inside me”

Use a condom. We dont want you procreating anyway.

To the spammer who hit my blog 18 times in a row

Thats the most donkey porn links i have EVER seen. How DID you find them all? And why do i need them 18 times over?

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2 Comments on “Google Searchers & Spammers”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    I keep getting hit with cunnalingus hits . . . makes me feel talented 😛

  2. SurferCam Says:

    That’s great Hun, you tell ’em!

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