Thats the Number of the photo of bugalugs playing footy. Its HERE. Hes in the background of quite a few others. Hes #10. You know, the one with blue hair. LOL. Kinda hard to miss. That was the game i told you about where he was captain, so the chance to get the ball and run just wasnt there that week. He was the playmaker instead.

How awesome is it that they send out photographers to the games? Unfortunately the guy was only there for about 5-10 minutes. My besty MIN has some fucking brilliant action shots of her eldest boy from last year.

Oh, and look forward to some serious bitching and name dropping in the next couple of weeks. MIN is team manager this year, with her husband coaching the under 6s (of another club, not ours) and she recently had a run in with a team being managed by a prominant Rugby League player. Although I havent had any dealings with him, his reputation from last year as an extremely bad sportsman seems to be being confirmed again this year with his son now playing for a third club (not mine nor MINs).

Lets just say that a parent or two from an opposing team a couple of times have copped a mouthful from me due to their behaviour, and my PMS is in full force this month, and we play his team shortly.

I must say, that i second her suggestion of a strongly worded email to The Footy Show on channel 9 should his bastardly behaviour continue.

And no, he isnt a Bulldog. Never has been. Its not just the boys in blue and white who are a disgrace to the code. Why am i so pissed off? Because parents attitudes make a huge difference to the boys. The boys who play dirty come from teams where the parents display fucked up behaviour. The well behaved teams have well behaved parents. I went off my nut about parents and teams behaviours before, but deplorable behaviour from a team manager, let alone an A-Grade representitive footy player, is a million times worse.

How do us decent (even if we do swear like a fishermans wife) parents teach our kids to behave properly in the face of such behaviour by people they are supposed to look up to as role models?


Shut up Honey. Go look at more pics of your blue haired monster and feel better before you blow a gasket.

By the way, saturday just gone saw the Waratahs play Brothers, which is the local catholic team (with “real” coaching etc). Considered the best club in the comp. Warratahs won. Again. Thats 7/8 games won, with only the first game lost (theyd never even trained before) Granted that track record includes trial and preseason games, but the boys dont care. Their on a winning streak and are damn proud of it. Even with Brothers being able to convert almost all their trys (we never have – but weve come close!). with 10 mins o go we led 20 – 16, and managed to pull 3 more tries to their 1 in the final half (they play 3 x 10minute halves – yes im calling them halves shut up).

Hmmm, maybe i should find the draw and the ladder????? (yes i know their only Under7s. Im proud dammit! shaddap!


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3 Comments on “BL72104325”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    How come there’s no picture of the lunatic Mum in the background abusing the ref, other kids and other parents????

  2. coyotemike Says:

    It happens everywhere, with every sport. Over here, there are some places where they have police AT little kids’ games because the parents have been known to run out on the field and start a fistfight with the refs/coaches/opposing team parents. And over the stupidest shit: “My kid isn’t on the field” or some stupid foul by one of the kids who doesn’t KNOW all the rules yet. When I played baseball as a kid, most of the parents yelled encouragement (between laughing at us . . . very little talent in the games on either side) but there were a few who would scream at the ref and pound on the batting cage like crazed animals. For fuck sake! We were playing Tee-Ball! The kind where there isn’t a pitcher and the ball sits on a rubber stand for us to hit it off of! It was always funny when somebody’s parents would be thrown out of a game 🙂

  3. huniii Says:

    i only abuse those who deserve it. and the other kids dont. i have words with their coach or ours if i dont like their behaviour towards my boy. the ref should never ever be abused under any circumstance. same as boo-ing should never be allowed. cheer for all your worth, if you disagree, hold your tongue. dissing the ref is dissing the rules. thats what i was taught anyway. strange for a cantebury supporter i know. the other parents are given a warning by me to pull their heads in, that its just under 7s and their here for fun and to learn. telling a bleeding kid to “suck it up and get the fuck on with it, loser” at the top of your lungs is going to get a stern word from me, guaranteed. mostly i just demand that they get over themselves and show a little respect. and to wake up to themselves and realise their only children, and we as theiir parents should be setting a good example.

    still, when my kid is the one losing maybe i wont be so gracious. but for now, WERE KICKING YOUR ASS, SO WHOS THE LOSER MOTHER FUCKER!!!

    *note to the wise*
    dont EVER pick on a kid when his mothers in range. especially when that mother is me.

    unfortunately im a westie and the teams we play are westie teams, which means bogan parents. they really do go overboard. i suppose its the only LIVE game they can afford to watch after the cases of beer and cartons of ciggies are paid for each week

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