ages since i posted. very busy. crazy much. tell you all about it later maybe. not good stuff so maybe best to just let it die its natural death.

all these questions about the offer i got for my weekend at the beach!

all i can say is, those porn stars have balls. 27 inches of cock is daunting. very daunting. (and mouth watering – someone get me a bucket for my drool, STAT)

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4 Comments on “and….”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    I think you might be needing 2 buckets for your various happy secretions 😛

  2. Indiana Says:

    I hope that was two or three guys…if that was a single effort I bet his nickname wasn’t horse, it was probably elephant.

  3. huniii Says:

    that is a possibility…. but eww all the same! lol

    yes darln, twas 3 virile young men that made that offer. If it was 27 inches on ONE man I’d have run screaming for the hills. whilst itsy bitsy teeny weeny is no fun, elephants are sheer terror!

  4. SurferCam Says:

    I think we need to hear more about all of this.
    It’s no good just getting pieces here and there.

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