I Have a Headache

Im thinkn its coz of the paint fumes from painting my house. Either that or too much battery operated fun. meh.

Thankyou to all those who gave their help in the search for info on Doctor McShonky. It was all very helpful, and you will be pleased to know that Dickhead is not going ahead with his suggestions. On the subject of Dickhead and Doctors, he has no left Lebanon and scooted over into Jordan, and is seeing someone we both feel much better about. Its still some crazy shit, certainly not traditional western medicine, but hell, it sounds promising, isnt a scam for money, and theres even the opportunity for him to come back home and continue treatment here. Im pretty happy for him.

However Im NOT so happy about the woman who stopped me in Parramatta on saturday morning as I was getting out of Dickheads car (which Im driving while hes gone) and demanded to know who the fuck i was, and why the fuck I was driving her boyfriends car. Lets just say that despite my shock causing me to be so stupid as to not think to ask her name (plus the fact that about 5-60 people were staring at this shouty and agressive woman, my brain did manage to function long enough to answer her. And i may or may not have flashed the ring i wear on my wedding finger and told her i was his wife and she needed to back the fuck off. Actually, theres no may not, I did. If Im going to be cheated on, theres no way in hell im going to leave his bit of fluff feeling happy with him so he can go straight to her arms. That bitch is so pissed off she wont be  giving him anything other than an earfull for a while.

Add that to the discovery i made on thursday, and you had one very upset, angry, confused, betrayed little huns.

But anyhoo, my house is halfway painted, and as soon as i get the usb cable thing sorted, pics will be forthcoming.

Right now the biggest issue in my head is whether or not to accept the invitation i just received….

3 hot, fit, muscly guys who flat together ina gorgeous beachside appartment want me to spend the day/night with them. They are offering to take me to the beach for lunch served on their private beach i might add, then shopping in the afternoon to cheer me up, before taking me for dinner somewhere nice, a few drinks at their local hotspot, then home to be ravished by 3 nine inch monsters, with a bubblefilled spa, massage, and pampering aplenty all on the menu as well as strawberries, champagne chocolate, cream, and well, me! Then the promise of sleeping in as late as I want before being driven home again in the car I want for myself.

Tough choice, no?

(oh and arent you just sitting on the edge of your seat for THOSE pics lol)

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5 Comments on “I Have a Headache”

  1. So, it’s Lah Shukran to Dr McShonky and Salam to Dr Amman. Sounds like a much better deal.

    Was the Parramatta girlfriend serious or was she just doing it for a bet? Maybe she says that to every good-looking chick getting out of a fancy car, just for fun.

  2. coyotemike Says:

    3 9-inch monsters? At once? 27 inches of cock in you at once?

  3. SS Says:

    H, how does one receive an invite like that? The only invite I have received of late was to go to a snotty 3 year old’s birthday…

  4. Suvvy Says:

    Bad Dickhead!! I would have also mentioned to the stupid bitch that his car looks the way it does because of you etc… I hate shit like that, I hate people like that. You need to describe the look on her face though after you answered her. That’s the most gratifying part.

    The 3 Nine Inch invite sounds amazing. I think I need to move to Australia, or at least visit. Granted I have hubby for the part your three would play, but I want their damn beach!! 🙂

  5. huniii Says:

    if so, thats taking my habit of shit stirring more than just a little too far…..

    daunting, yet strangely arousing…..

    bwah ha ha ha! I got invites like that alot. some stranger, some scarier…. you DONT want to know! As for HOW i get them *shrugs* tits n personality is my guess, plus way too much confidence and candidness. its a pleasure and a curse

    I was too shocked to think, beyond the shoving of a ringed wedding finger in her face and saying Im his wife, that she needs to back the fuck off. And yeah, the look WAS fookn awesome.
    These three would let your hubby play too…. their very good at sharing….. lol

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