so it would seem that i 1) have found my USB cable, and 2) have a feature wall in my dining room now


and one in my bedroom (you can tell im completely stuffed – theres no pillowy goodness and the beds not made……


and i have a second pretty green feature wall in my living room, with bugalugs eating on the floor in the middle of the mess he has made. If you look closely enough you can see where he got the roller and painted my carpet.

Good thing I was planning on pulling that up anyway.

As for the other pics…….. well……. this will have to do you for now


So can you tell what my girlfriend likes about me? Im thinking its not my baby blues……

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14 Comments on “”

  1. SS Says:

    That last pic coupled with your post from a days back, H….. Jebus!

  2. Generic comment… something about painting… blah blah blah… bumpy bits… Aw Cripes, how’s a bloke going to pay attention to anything with that last photo there?

  3. coyotemike Says:

    Boobs? What boobs? *saves picture and starts masturbating*

  4. Suvvy Says:

    I’ll trade you “assets”. 😛 Granted mine are getting bigger because of baby, but your are perkier. LOL

  5. Lad Litter Says:

    Good paint job, Huniii. Hang on, you missed a bit…hahahahahaha! Painting turns households upside down so well done on finding that cable.

  6. SurferCam Says:

    You were right. They are great!
    More please.

  7. coyotemike Says:

    Is that the controler of a vibrator peeking out under your pillow?

  8. Lad Litter Says:

    Good paint job Huniii. Oh hang on, you missed a bit 😉 Painting can turn households upside down so you’ve done well to find that cable.

  9. huniii Says:

    Jebus gets said alot around my lovely lady bumps. Amoungst much else….

    Sorry babe… just be glad you dont have to speak to me in the flesh…..

    ewww! use a tissue! the lack of manners in some people, sheesh, i dunno….

    just as heavy but

    I missed lots of bits… not done yet!

    ah, but could you handle it? And who said i was full of shit on my blog? Oh thats right, their gone now. YAY! More will be considered…. my decision can and most definately will be influenced by the quantity and quality of bribes received

    just how many times will you be coming back to this post? and why are you clicking to enlarge? (oh thats right, your a guy, size matters)
    I KNEW someone would pick up on that. sorry to dissappoint – tis just the endy bit off the curtain rail. See the curtain lying on the bed in the foreground? tee hee hee! im so cheeky! And anyway, with Dickhead gone, Ive run out of batteries and exhausted the supply of all the supermarkets in a 10 mile radius…..

    Like i said…. lol

  10. coyotemike Says:

    I thought women liked men who could come back to live multiple times 🙂

  11. SurferCam Says:

    I can do bribes!

  12. Scorpy Says:

    Thats a beautiful necklace ;)…tell me does any man know the colour of your eyes? lol

  13. Cazzie Says:


  14. steph Says:

    Now THAT is one tasty rack!!!

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