Thinking of Dickhead

So last night he and I were chatting online for a bit. Its quite bizzare the way things are at th moment. To me at least. Its comfy like nothings changed, but its also stunted like everythings different. I dont know how to explain it, and im not sure I want to, even to me. So we were chatting about how horny I was (right before my period – you know how it is) and he was asking me what I was thinking…..

Which got me to thinking…..

And then I couldnt stop……and I still cant…… what am i missing about him? What am i thinking about him? Well……

He always smells so good. I love when he visits, specially when he sits next to me on the lounge and the breeze from the window wafts his scent towards me. I love moving in closer and nuzzling into his neck and chest to breathe him in….

I love running my fingers along his jawline, down his neck, and gently caressing his collarbone, fingertips toying with the chain he wears around his neck, taking in his soft skin below his chest hair, enjoying the contrast between masculinity and sensitivity.

Snuggling in to his side, resting my head against his broad chest, sighing softly with his breathing, feeling his big strong arm snaking around my shoulders and back, feeling warm and protected, even somewhat submissive to his strength. His arms are gorgeous and one of the first things that attracted me to him, and they get my heart pounding and my mouth watering almost every time I see them, let alone feel them wrapped around me.

Snaking my arms around his middle, burrowing myself into his side, sensing his contentment an relaxedness, wallowing in the closeness, allowing my arm to rest across his nether regions, knowing he wont stay relaxed for long anymore….

Feeling his hand carress my head, running his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp, my hand softly caresssing his chest, playing with the medallion at the end of his chain, dropping to run my fingertips lightly over theinside of his calf, fingernails gently tracing patterns, feeling his breathing deepen slightly, tracing my fingers slowly higher up the inside of his leg…….

Feeling his weight shift slightly below me, ever so slightly disturbing the air around us, sending another whiff of his cologne to my senses, a deep breath inwards, my fingers tracing the growing firmness contained within his jeans, mere inches from my face, picturing what awaits behind the curtain made by his zipper…..

Feeling his hand wandering from my hair to my shoulders and back, gently increasing his pressure, massaging my skin, sending shivers down my spine even though the touch of his hand is warm, spreading heat in its wake…..

Feeling his body start to writhe ever so slightly beneath my wandering fingers, tracing their patterns languidy across his chest, his thighs, and the hardness becoming more prominent between them…..

His breathing becoming deeper and slightly more rapid, as his hand moves up my back and his fingertips softly caressing the back of my neck, sending shivers of delight tearing down my spine, adding to the heat steadily growing between my thighs….

His hand running down my back and squeezing the cheeks of my arse, as i lower my mouth to his zipper and gently bite through the denim, feeling the hardness within and the heat of my breath, making my mouth water in anticipation….

Feeling his hands run over my body to my breasts, responding to the dull ache that has been steadily growing within, gently massaging them then not so gently, a display of his desire for what is now inevitable (as if there is ever a question of my compliance) as I loosen his belt, purposefully drawing out the process of undoing his button and sliding down his zipper….

A slightly akward moment as he helps me to remove his jeans and trunks, releasing his manhood from its now uncomfortable confines, quickly returning to our comfortable positions as I envelop him in my eager mouth…..

Revelling in the contrast of his soft smooth skin over his hardness, running my tongue over and around the head as I feel him settle and relax beneath me, his hands caressing my back and arse, the pressure of his movements changing in reponse to how much of him I have taken into my mouth, or released again to softly lick at his shaft…..

Snaking my hand down to gently cup and caress his balls as I pleasure my tongue with exploring every inch of his shaft, returning again and again to lick at the head, taking it into my mouth, rolling my tongue around it, gently sucking as I take the length of him in, and back out of my warm wet mouth, loving the way it feels, the thickness that fills my mouth, the length that is too much to take in in one go and needs to be worked up to, the taste of his skin, the sound of his breathing changing in response to my actions, the soft low moans and groans that occassionally slip unbidden and unrealised from his mouth, the soft gentle sound of his sighs as I enjoy myself with his cock…..

Gently untangling myself from his arms, slipping forward to rest on my knees between his legs, without removing his member from my lips, settling myself for the long haul, fully intending to satiate myself with him in my own time,  looking up at him, seeing the pleasure on his face mirroring the way I feel….

Taking my time, not missing a single part of him, alternating between lapping at the head of his cock, sucking the length of him, licking his shaft, gently sucking his balls, rolling them in my mouth, massaging them with my tongue, gently pulling the skin that covers them between my lips, lavishing the attention of my mouth, teeth, tongue and lips from his arse to his tip, feeling him come to the brink, backing off, changing tactics while he settles a little, then bringing him back time and again until I can no longer wwait to taste him, feel his warmth flood my mouth, feeling him twitch and pulse win my mouth, gently licking him until his firmness has reverted completely to softness once more, gently lapping at him with the tip of my tongue until his breathing has settled… savouring the taste of him in my mouth as he relaxes, spent, happy and satisfied……….

Kissing him gently, feeling his warm tongue exploring my mouth, connecting, eyes closed, senses alert, mind switched off, my hands gently caressing his stubble along his cheek and jaw, fingertips brushing his earlobes, hands running south, along his strong arms, wrapped around me, pulling my shirt down over shoulders, releasing my  breasts from the cups of my bra….

His fingers rolling and pulling at my nipples, palms caressing and massaging their fullness, lowering his head to take one in his mouth, licking and sucking, making my body respond as only he can….

His hands wandering over every inch of me, working my body into wanting him even more, working my mind at the same time, driving me crazy with desire, putting thoughts in my mind, creating mental images, drawing on memories of times past and fantasies of the future, until im naked not only in body but in mind too, thinking only of my need for him…..

His hands positioning me as he wishes, searching out my centre, fingers slipping and sliding, entering my warmth, learning of the wetness he has created within me, knowing the deepest parts of me….

Kissing me, held beneath him, now rubbing at my clit until I almost cannot bear the exquisitness he is forcing me to feel, whispering to me, refusing to let me back away, willing me to keep going, knowing it is he who is responsible for my lack of control, for the enormous physical and mental build up and explosive release, all held in his hands……

Feeling his firmness enter me, the feeling of connectedness, of being full, complete, of sharing one another, knowing each other body and soul as only lovers can, taking from each other the physical enjoyment we both want and need, whilst simultaneously giving the same in return, feeling him slide back, only to reurn to me once more, again and again and again, until my world shatters, my body and mind in a place that doesnt exist without him, my entire being both filled and fulfilled by him, until slowly, slowly, returning to reality, spent, breathless, relaxed, completely comfortable, completely myself, and yet part also of him, and he of me, having shared a part of ourselves with each other, receiving in return the part of the other that we ourselves gave up.

Satiated. My hunger for him fulfilled, and yet instantly beginning to grow once more. I can never get enough of him.

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13 Comments on “Thinking of Dickhead”

  1. Alexi Says:

    Holy shit, Hons, I mean, WOW

  2. coyotemike Says:

    And now you can add “typing with one hand” to your resume.

  3. lori Says:

    i think i need to open a window or something.. is it hot in here or what?

  4. […] she posted this amazing post which seriously, belongs with the best stories in […]

  5. Suvvy Says:

    Cold shower anyone? 😛

  6. MikeFitz Says:

    Oh, oh, Oh excuse me. I have to go now.

  7. huniii Says:

    Shut up you. mwah

    i was typing with two hands, what are you doing?

    sorry darls

    i think thats what Dickheads doing right now….

    but you only just got here… was it summin i said?

  8. coyotemike Says:

    I forgot that women can put something in there to entertain themselves hands-free 😛

  9. MikeFitz Says:

    Ah, no. It was, ah, nothing. (*adjusts clothing*)

  10. Lad Litter Says:

    Very high class erotica, Huniii. Now get on down to Tandy or Dick Smith for that USB cable pronto.

  11. lori Says:

    hunniiiiiiii don’t … stop! :>

  12. steph Says:

    Good Christ! And here I was already with a fever. That was BRILLIANT! i think I love you.

  13. huniii Says:

    i was doing no such thing! not at that particular time, anyways!

    oops. soz, my bad!

    ooooooh! im high class! w00t! And unfortunately for you they dont sell the phone-to-puter cables there. I gots to get one delivered – heres a hint, keep ur eyes peeled over the weekend, there may be more than just EASTER bunnies out playing

    you want more sweets? i can do that…..

    oh lordy girl! between you telling me you love me here, and saying on that other blog that thing about if you were to turn…. can we just fuck now already? lol

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