Desperate Plea for Help

In spite of this blog usually being full of cmpletely inane and inconsequential crap, my life actually has substance.

And Dickhead really is overseas right now being seen by a doctor (who i firmly believe is a quack) for a significant and incurable illness.

Dear readers, I need your help.

I am 100% seriously calling on the blogosphere for any assistance that any of my readers (even the lurkers and once off’s) can provide.

You see, there is rumour that this doctor that is going to be treating my beloved, may be just a little on the shonky side.

And anyone going near my man who has the capacity to harm him had better be sqeeky clean, if you ask me.

So anyone who can do an awesome google search, or who can track down history of doctors currently practising in Lebanon or Jordan, and in particular ones who have practised previously in the UAE (and even been touted as shonky in Dubai) could you please send me an email, or give me a shout out, or SOMETHING.

I dont want to post the condition, or the doctors name here in public, and am not making accusations, im just looking for information.


Anything anyone can find out about this doctor would be most appreciated.

Because thousands of dollars pissed up the wall is one thing, but my man coming home worse than he left, or with more problems?

Well thats just not acceptable to me.

And to be honest, i cant handke any more problems right now.


i dont even care if i get spammed, just please, if you think you can help at all, beep me.

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2 Comments on “Desperate Plea for Help”

  1. steph Says:

    Have you tried google yourself? Maybe just call someone in Lebland and get them to do the legwork.

  2. huniii Says:

    Ive been googling like mad! doesnt help much though….. Dickhead has people in Lebland doing that, but if you meant call the bro’s in Leb Central aka auburn/bankstown, done that too – its all systems go……

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