Letter to Dickhead

I just sent Dickhead an email that encapsulated pretty much all the big bits of my world right now, both those talked about here, and offline with people, and seeing as im such a lazy beeyotch, i thought that Id just copy paste it here, to update everyone, and just change the names etc.


To: Dickhead@farfaraway.com.au

From: Honey@stillrighthere.com.au

Subject: Feel Good Inc

things on the *big scary thing* front seem better and are almost fixed. seems to be all ok. i just got off the fone to *lady from big scary thing* and its all going fine. stress all but over. 99.9% happy. my tummy is returning to normal, so you should be jumping up and doing a dance.

can i please have the log book for the *Dickheadmobile*

forward moevement on the panel beating issue, with the doors and front bar sorted, he just wants to get a friend to look at the bonnet re the dents, as it may be a cheaper option to get his friends dent fixing company to do that bit, rather than pay his boys to do it. if not, he will. so alls good there.

bit of bad news, you need a new alternator too. but thats easy enough to sort out, so no big deal.

oh and i really really need that log book please so we can go through the cars history and try and work out before hand if theres any other gremlins that might pop up, before we pull the whole thing apart. yes we. i have been roped in to assist, in order to speed things up etc.

alls going well on the car front it seems. well, not WELL, but forward. am just looking at all the options and then will make a decision on best way to go that will give best results vs effort and money.

miss you
love you
and this house painting thing is awful, but *MINs real name* is coming round to help – with a few bottles of wine, over the next week or two, so just dont get a shock if you come back and my house is all, well, looking like it was painted by two drunk women.



I am currently absolutely covered in paint. I look like an absolute tool……OH! That reminds me!

please excuse me while I go change a collegue of thee Big Man’s computer wallpaper to read “LEE IS A TOOL”

yes, i am easily amused.

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2 Comments on “Letter to Dickhead”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    Easily amused=easily aroused. 🙂

    *hands you microscope and waves penis at you*

  2. Suvvy Says:

    Wonder how many of your readers will try out the email addresses? 😛

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