Look Out Steph

Your poetry has been given a run for its money HERE

I really dont know which bit of this post to talk about first, so ill just copy paste the lot here for your viewing pleasure. Dont say I never do anything for you guys!

Cliffordz Rap: 

Yo, yo. Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah. Feel it. Alright.

Yo. Yo. Turn that beat up a little bit. Yeah. No a little more. Yeah. Turn it up yeah. Uh. Uh huh. Yeah. Turn it up more. Oh yeah. Turn it—Ah god that’s too loud. Turn it down right now. Turn it down a bit more. Quick. Yeah. That’s right. Uh huh. Much better, thanks. Yo. Yo. Check it.

My name is Clifford and I really like to rap. I’m rapping right now and I’m rapping all the time.

I rap real good and I rap real fast. And if you don’t just like it then you can just shut the hell up fast.

Yo. Check it fools. Don’t be dissin’ my rhymes, otherwise I be getting angry all the times. Then I just might diss you back, although when I diss it be like a rap attack (which is in your face.)

Yeah. I like to have sex with bitches, sometimes in ditches, I be countin my riches, with these bitches, in the ditches. For ever.

So don’t be intimidated by my skillz, and don’t stand close when I cough or else I will make you illz. But not ill as in good at rappin, but ill as in all day toilet crappin.

Speakin of crap, oh look it’s your face. I’ve never seen anything uglier except the time a dog took a dump on your face.

I’m constantly improvin, like home improvement, with the main guy who does the grunting sounds, not that fat guy Roy or whatever his name is. He is rubbish.

So alright it’s time for me to be out. My toast be comin out of the toaster and my bagels be poppin out the oven, so don’t think I’m a boaster but I know I got the house pumpin. Or grinding, possibly both simultaneously.

Keep it real in your heart constantly, peace and for real.

 Gold, Pure Gold. Thats Tops.

Its the whole website though really – I just cant choose what to point out first.

Its awesome. Check it!

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6 Comments on “Look Out Steph”

  1. mmabjj Says:

    Yo. Praise be to Jah and also Mohammed or probably Jesus.

    Me appreciate you linkin to my raps. Beeyotch.

    Don’t forget to look through the archives for a bunch more awesome crap.

  2. coyotemike Says:

    The sad thing is, whoever wrote that probably does think it’s gold.

  3. mmabjj Says:

    It IS gold. If you’d like to indicate which parts you didn’t like and when, I’d be happy to reimburse you with the equivalent amount in partially digested turnips.

  4. linda Says:

    Maybe it’s code for something?? Like – Please help me I can’t find my Adidas tracksuit???? dunno…

  5. huniii Says:

    to both comments by you – my praise was all sarcastic. which i see you realised, and yet still made lame attempts at being funny. just dont, its not salvagable. any of it.

    evidently so, which is part of what makes it so hilarious

    shut up! i wear adidas trakkies!

  6. mmabjj Says:

    Jeez, who farted on your cereal this morning?
    I’m just enjoying the attention.

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