Like, 7 days or so scince i last posted! Holy Fuckoly! Is that a record for me?

Hmmm, whats been going on in that time?

Lets see, dealing with Dickhead being away, dealing with being sick, running around like a headless chook trying to fit a million things into….. oooooh, about 5 minutes?

Lets see, a two minute wrap up? Sure! I can do that!

St Paddys eve was spent shagging one of the guys who offered me their number at the Big Man’s shop. St Paddys Day was spent at footy with bugalugs (45-10 TAKE THAT GPB!), shopping, hanging with Old Yeller and his family (doing DHs work stuff but also just generaly hanging) and chatting to DH on the fone. St Paddys Night turned into a shermozzle with my GF (yes ACTUAL gf, one that i shag, not just a friend) cancelling due to a break down/accident/whatever in the rain, then all the friends id turned down for my night without bugalugs had already gone to pubs n clubs all over sydney & surrounds, and im not one to go to a pub/club alone anymore, so I called Mr Bardarkis from Big Man’s (not the friday night shag – another one) and we went to PJ Gallaghers at Parra. Ran into a few friends there, took Mr Bardarkis home (as he had to be home by 12 before he turned into a pumpkin so he could go visit his missus after work) and headed back to PJs (ie Notorious Pick Up Joint). Ran into more friends, took one home, shagged him, returned him to his home, got back to mine to find GF had made it after all, shagged her, fell asleep. (as would you after dropping an e and having a couple of drinks to boot).

St Paddys aftermarth saw the return of Bugalugs, hanging out at mins for ages, and a few things ive now forgotten. Sun Night saw another random shag, and then basically exhausted sleep.

The whole of last week saw me sick, with not much to tell besides a few random shags, a bit of talking to DH overseas and a huge fight with the GF.

This past weekend saw Bugalugs team win by an enormous amount – the other team scored one try, and we scored, well, i stopped counting at about 10ish. too bad, so sad WWs! Then some more shagging, with sat nights random being the best pussy licking ive ever had in my life, followed by a freaking awesome shag. Too tired to speak to DH afterwards. Wonder why? Didnt call him at all, or again Sunday night after yet another shag from Big Man’s shop.

Who said you cant mix business and pleasure? Isnt that what they say to do? Find something you like and are good at and turn it into a business? Maybe I should………oh……. wait a minute…….. they already have an industry for what i like and am good at…….. DOH!

Today, monday, was again a DH free day. Even though they are now only 7hrs behind, not 9 like before (the weekend saw us go back 1hr, and lebanon go forward 1hr – so helpful!)

However it did have a bit of a revelation in that i stuffed up something i did the other night, at midnight, whilst doing 10 other things at once, sick as a dog, and obviously should have just gone to bed and finished it in the morning. I stuffed something up. And tomorrow i have to own up to it and hopefully not get in too much trouble. (and this is a bit of an understatement, this paragraph – but it serves my purpose, being that if i mention it here i will recall the situation, and what i should be doing to ensure it doesnt repeat itself – namely not do so much at one time, and not do things when im nt feeling well, as i particularly dont want my cock ups to affect others)

For further information, or if symptoms persist, please seek medical advice, or simply ask that i elaborate.

However i may choose not to do so. Im moody like that.




oh, and would someone kindly tell my cramping muscles to shut the fuck up and stop waking me in the middle of the night because they are oxygen starved and feel like squishing up so much that it feels like my hands, forearms, feet and calves are going to drop off from pain? please? Thankyou, your such a darl!

oh, and what the fuck is with this headache of mine?

oh and how did we all go with voting on saturday? did we ALL look at that disposable tablecloth we get handed each election and think “so much on offer, and so little to choose from” or was it just my electorate that got all the really shit candidates?

btw, twas my youngest sister’s first foray into the realm of voting……. she wasnt impressed. Cant say i blame her. Bugalugs had the best time of all, taking everyones votes and putting them in the “special bins” as he so aptly called them. (my whole family decended en masse to the local polling booth, as we were all present at the family home – im sure it was impressive – and that the marking-your-names-off-a-book-so-we-think-were-special people were impressed – 6 names in a row to draw a line through! Im sure it was the top story round the water cooler schoolyard bubblers later on)

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8 Comments on “Faaaaaarrrrrrk!”

  1. lori Says:


    not much more i can add to that. dammit i dont get any sex till i see my boy in july.

  2. coyotemike Says:

    I haven’t had sex since last July. Somebody shoot or shag me, quick!

  3. Lad Litter Says:

    Commented on your blog recently but I think I stuffed up the post so it didn’t appear. Sounds like a great weekend, Huniii & I hope that your midnight stuff-up doesn’t get you into trouble. Especially as it sounds as though you’ve already had a thorough tongue-lashing.

  4. SurferCam Says:

    I’m spending next St Paddys day with you Hun!

  5. Lad Litter Says:

    Great post Huniii and I hope your midnight error doesn’t get you into trouble. After all, it’s not like you haven’t already received a severe tongue-lashing…

  6. Lad Litter Says:

    Great post Honey & I hope your midnight error doesn’t get you into trouble. You’ve already had a tongue-lashing anyway…

  7. huniii Says:

    im not sposed to till he gets back, but when a girls got a massive labido, her mans on the other side of the world, and she can cark it any day now, shes gotta do what shes gotta do!


    umm, the sad thing is, most my shenannigan weekends are like that….

  8. SurferCam Says:

    I coming down there this weekend then!

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