Well, peoples reactions to the fact that Dickhead has left me alone for 8 weeks has been interesting to say the least.

You’d be surprised what people really think about you.

Including going to a clients of mine, and having a number of them want to give me their numbers. Or take mine. Or both. Or invite me out. Or just offer their “services” if I find myself feeling lonely. And asking how exactly I plan on managing without a man for 8 weeks.

Bloody Lebbos!

Always looking to get their end in.

And all with the line “dont let the Big Man* know”

Which shant be a problem. Because although many of them are more than a little bit perve-worthy (some reach the phwar category), mixing work and pleasure? Even if I DIDNT have Dickhead, it would still NOT HAPPEN. Simply asking for trouble, that!

*Big Man is the boss, and also a very large man – over 6 feet and large build too.

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13 Comments on “Hmmm……”

  1. steph Says:

    Do you know the difference between these men and Dickhead?
    They’re HERE!

    Sorry, I know you defended him, yada, yada. Do what’s best for you. I don’t think you’re an idiot, i do think your judgement is clouded and for good reason.

    Still. I don’t like him. If I knew who he was and saw him on the street I’d kneecap him.

  2. coyotemike Says:

    Hmm, maybe you should get Big Man’s number 😛

    I’m with steph . . . but I’m much more creative with my violence when I’m annoyed.

    No, I know you are only telling one part of the story. But that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

  3. coyotemike Says:

    However, as to the “surviving without a man” thing . . . I’m sure Steph can send you some batteries . . . I hear she buys them by the case.

  4. SurferCam Says:

    So what are your plans for survival?

  5. lori Says:

    lots of choccie!

    long hot baths…

    and early nights.. in bed… with.. batteries!

  6. Cazzie Says:

    Mmm, so you just say to them, “Numbers, what are numbers? ” then run away 🙂

  7. audrey Says:

    Babe, you’re still going to be around in eight weeks to kick him up the jaxie xoxo

    PS are you interested in trying that tea? don’t want to push, but it’s gotten good results…

  8. Graffiti Says:

    Now is the term Dickhead a bit strong?
    He is probably a nice guy with some insecurities.
    Well maybe a lot of insecurities.
    Maybe a shit load of them!

    But I am sure he loves you and that makes them all forgivable doesn’t it?


  9. Lad Litter Says:

    I sympathize Huniii but isn’t male behaviour execrable at times? A bloke I know whose wife’s been away on holiday has been sending sleazy texts to a friend who’s a single mum trying to get together with her. She’s not deleting the texts just in case the returning wife gets things the wrong way round.

  10. DIAMONDKT Says:

    Yeah, mixing business with pleasure is never a good idea.

    Of course trying telling yourself that while the image of you and a hot co-worker are going at it so feverishly that your Swingline stapler is melting! And the only thing that keeps it from burning the entire office down is the gust of wind – the wind from papers flying off your desk as you dig your nails deep into the wood grain.

  11. huniii Says:

    i know, i know. its hard and im having a cry. but being picked up (or at least having attempts made) is nice for the ego. i like nice. hell, i like ego too!

    your not sposed to like him, your sposed to like me! me me me me me! and i have rechargable sets, so im never without power when its needed

    lots of perving, lots of batteries, and lots of women. maybe even some porn. who am i kidding with the maybe?

    sounds good to me, but i do that even when hes here!

    i have a much better plan which doesnt involve me running away because then i cant perve

    sharpening boots as we speak. and yes i am. thankyou. already looked into it, but feel free to email me any other bits you come across

    welcome, and no, Dickhead isnt quite strong enough! He doesnt have insecurities he has problems and issues, as i do. complicated much. and he does love me yes, just not how id like him to. forgivable to a point and for a while yes, but not forever. i deserve more.

    Lad Litter
    welcome, and yes, yes it is. Some of these men know him, quite well in fact. And all of the ones fom Big Man’s shop are more than a little aware that im committed. While i take it as a compliment that they would want to hook up with me (one suggested i date him instead of DH, not just shag but have a relationship) i also find it a bit insulting that they think i would cheat.

    SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP! Havent actually imagined shaggin the hawt ones yet, just maybe licking them a bit…… mmmmm…… and running my hands along their gawjus arms and 6packs… mmmm…….

  12. coyotemike Says:

    Like you? But I LUBS YOU!!!

    But I still think you should go for the Big Man. We’re cuddly type people 😀

  13. huniii Says:

    aww thanks babe. somebody has to! and the Big Man is lovely, but no. Hes a good friend. Friends and Fuck start with the same letter, but thats as close as they should get

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