Moments of Madness

*Last night I busted my arse washing my floors. It took me 2 days to vaccuum. I just wanted it done. Im a clean-freak, yet cleaning really wears me out nowadays, so i dont get to do it much and pretty much live in a hovel now. So I loved having nice clean shiny floorboards. Until Bugalugs got home this afternoon after school and traipsed mud all over them. They are now way worse than before I washed them.

*Dickhead thinks Im an idiot. I say I want to hire a cleaner, because its beyond me now, but that I cant until ive cleaned the house. He laughs and says thats stupid. He has said that if he asks Old Yellers wife, his mum, and his aunt, and if they laugh at me, that i have to give in and hire one NOW no matter what my house looks like. Cmon, it makes sense, right? You cant ask someone to come and clean your home when it looks like Hiroshima can you?

*Yesterday I spent almost 5 minutes wondering why my car wouldnt go. It wasnt in gear. Good thing I lost my license last week, because someone who does that really shouldnt be allowed to have one. Guess I will have to stop driving soon.

*Who says that me saying “just coz im an accountant doesnt mean i can add” is a stupid thing to say?

*One option that is not good for dinner when your on my meds is a piece of toast with vegemite. Or maybe it was the painkillers washed down with bourbon & coke afterwards. Not sure. May have to check.

*Commenting on peoples blogs when your brain isnt working is not a good idea. Having 8 blog comments sections open at once as well is simply asking for trouble. To you dear Antonio, again, Im sorry. It REALLY wasnt your blog that I was commenting on.

*Webcams are dangerous. Mostly when you have them on with one person on msn, and switch to another window and chat to someone else and forget its on. To the man who got an eyefull of titties, I guess you scored. However it really wasnt done for you. It was done because I was hot, my bra was too tight, and I like to sit around in bonds cottons and a singlet. Its my house and Ill do as I please. Just please remind me next time that the cam is on.

*Please dont ask about tonight, or about my birthday plans. Dickhead is ill and may have to cancel like he did last year, my bestie has just left her husband today so has her own shit to deal with that Im doing my best to help out on while staying out of it (how the fuck do you support someone in that without getting involved????), and looks like I may spend another one alone. Which in some ways is possibly significant. Perhaps my last one should be spent like that. Anyways, Ive written my predictions on what I believe will happen over the next 24-48hrs. Im not posting them. Yet. Depends how it goes. But they are there. And im willing to put money on it. Just like some other certain people who think I dont know about the book you are running. But I do. See.

My Birthday: 1 sleep

Dickhead Leaving: 13 sleeps

Slow Down.

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