Fuck Off, Fuckers

“There are currently 1,620 comments identified as spam.”

Your joking, right?


Then let me make this easier for you….

I dont want viagra. I dont want to watch granny sex or animal porn. Not even grannies and animals together – shocking but true – its not my thing. I dont need investment advice from you. I dont need a penis pump, because I dont have a penis. (Dickhead might, I dunno, youd have to ask. Email him: dickhead@gofuckyourself.com)

Oh, also, I will not put links to your website if you ask me to in exchange for one to me on yours. If you think i am teh hawtness, as i most assuredly am, go ahead and link me. And thankyou for doing so. If I think YOU are non-retarded, I will add you to my bookmarked favourites withthe intention of possibly adding you to my bloglines account, and wallow in my intentions of clearing it out/actually reading all 100+ links still there since last ACTUAL clean out/put you on my blogroll/bother to give a fuck. However Id have to READ you first, and personally i dont find it likely, given that my first task on a daily basis after checking comments/being a stat whore/clicking my incoming links is to hit the button at the top marked DELETE ALL. Thats right. I dont even scroll down. Not anymore. Because 1500+ spam is TOO GOD DAMNED FUCKING MUCH SPAM FOR EVERYONE IN AUSTRALIA LET ALONE JUST LIL OLE ME.

This has been a community service announcement spoken by nobody as its a blog and not tv, authorised by me but thats not saying much coz i dont matter.

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One Comment on “Fuck Off, Fuckers”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    You do too matter.

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