Grumpy Old Men

Dickhead will absolutely hate this post, but fuck him. Its my blog and Ill say what I want to. Its not like anyone from teh interwebs knows him, and those in real life know anyway.

Dickhead came clean on a porky that he had been telling me. It really upset me, both what the truth was, and that he had lied for so long, especially when he had been given ample opportunities to fess up.

Yesterday was Dickheads birthday. He turned FORTY.

Thats right, Im 26 and porking an old man. Laugh it up. Everyone else is.  35 was bad enough, but the 4 at the front, well, thats a bit much.

Of course Im not shallow enough to leave him over it, but hey, it did take a bit of thinking to get me right with it. It left me in shock when he told me.

So enough already with the “daddy” jokes, i mean, ewww. And Im 27 in a weeks and a bit anyway (how childish does that sound? Who cares, its my last one and ill look forward to it if I want to) And i like HIM, not his date of birth. But 1967 is a very hard thing to write, let me tell you. Good thing arabs age well. And no, his balls arent saggy.  Or wrinkly. YET. And yes he does know i WILL leave him when they are.

So speaking of birthdays, lets just say that I once again am a kick arse wife. He got everything he asked for and then some.

Windows Tinted on his car (spiffy chrome that fades to black, looks awesome! not that boring normal tint)
New Clothes (jeans, shirts, belt…)
New Sunnies (very pretty raybans that make him look hot – defn NOT 40)
Perfume (That lovely new Polo Black – mmmmm)
And I took him to lunch.

Mind you, I also took him home and worked on his books for a bit, got him a majorly kick arse return, and harrassed him to let me suck him off, without asking anything in return.

All in all, he got about a grand dropped on him, got some great oral, a heap of money back from the ato (hes leb, getting cash is better than an orgasm for them) and got to spend the day with me.

What more could an old fart ask for?

Happy Birthday Babe. I still love ya, even if I do have to keep checking to see if your balls are wrinkly.

actually darln, bring them over here and ill check again…. LOL

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8 Comments on “Grumpy Old Men”

  1. Indiana Says:

    All I can say is 13 is my lucky number, and if DH is good enough to snag himself a younger piece of tail, then good on him (lol, hows that for politically correct)…there is nothing like the allure of a younger woman to keep a man young.

  2. SurferCam Says:

    Shit. Forget all the presents, I’d just be stoked with a bit of oral and expecting nothing in return!

  3. Linda Says:

    He’s in very good company, says she who turned 40 last week.
    I don’t think he can complain with his pressie haul.

  4. coyotemike Says:

    My balls get wrinkly when it’s cold out.

  5. huniii Says:

    I keep him young, and I keep telling him, when he mentions how good he is, that i know hes good, because he has me.

    Trust you!

    40 isnt old on you, just on the man im fucking, especially when he said he was 35

    Then put them somewhere warm…..

  6. Andy Says:

    mmmmmmmmm….love your 3 some stories. Thanks for a great bog….might have to meet you and Dickhead real sooon for a bit of goooodness

  7. Aurelius Says:

    Yeah Hun, I’m with Andy – great bog!

  8. huniii Says:

    do i know you?

    if you were with andy it would be a 4some. everyone knows about me and the number 3!

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