So instead of filling you all in on my threesome on saturday night (hey you only live once, so shut up about my frequent getting freaky – im allowed) I thought Id tell you some snippets of whats been going on with bugalugs.

So either I am the worlds best, or the worlds worst mum according to when you ask him.

See, as many little boys do, (and seeing the stress he is currently under, its certainly understandable) he has been going through a stage of missing the bowl when he goes to the toilet. A few times ive gotten up in the middle of the night, and leaving the light off so as not to wake him, have sat in a puddle. ewww. So morning comes and ive told him off, only to have it happen again. A couple of days ago I wasnt paying attention and did it again in the mid afternoon.

So what do you do when your raising a child Honey-Style? You wash your hands and dont dry them. You walk out to where your little precious is sitting innocently on the lounge watching tv, and tell him off again. Then you wipe your wet hands across his bare skin and face, telling him that you got your OWN wee and thought he might like to have some of yours on him as he seems so fond of having his on you.

Tears and tantrums abound.

Of course I told him oretty quickly what had really happened, but he was still mighty pissed off. My toilet seat however, remains dry. (and it was pretty funny lol sick sadist that i am).

 It was also his first day of footy  training yesterday, which ill come back and blog about shortly. Just this much effort has tired me out. I just wanted you all to know im still here, and still retarded.

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3 Comments on “Motherhood”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    hahaha that’s pretty funny…. but I would rather have heard about Saturday night….

  2. coyotemike Says:

    If it works, go with it.

  3. huniii Says:

    As I knew you would. And you still might. Dickhead saw that first line and asked why i hadnt! LOL

    anything that even remotely resembles a win for me is something i grip tightly with both hands!

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