Please Excuse Me

Im not dead yet.

Just busy falling to pieces.

Clean up in aisle 3.

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8 Comments on “Please Excuse Me”

  1. steph Says:

    what’s doin sweets? Who done you wrong? Shall i round up a posse??

  2. coyotemike Says:

    Do you need a broom? And can I be on Steph’s posse?

  3. Imelda Says:

    Good to see you back. I got the message from K, then didn’t hear again and was WORRIED. Take care, Hun. There are many people thinking about you, even those of us who are pretty quiet lately. xxx

  4. SurferCam Says:

    How did you go for Valentines Day Hun?

  5. huniii Says:

    just feeln sorry for myself. and being lonely. lucky for me, i wont have to much longer coz ill be dead soon. huzzah!

    no i wasnt laughing at that either but my heads in a fucked up space right now.

    more like a street sweeper sor summin, its a big mess. and youd have to ask steph. might i suggest steering clear of that cast-arm though. shes seemed a tad testy after the moronica-holiday

    Sweetie I had no idea miss K had sent that text out. Consider her ass severely kicked for not updating with new news. Dickhead and I are still trying to get down to see you all again. Will call soon to catch up.

    oh lordy! thats a post initself right there! hugs n kisses to you though sweetie. Least I can do to repay the warm fuzzy feeling you gave me by linking! lol No-ones clicked it to get here though so i think your readers are sub-par! LOL

  6. Cazzie Says:

    I’m not dead yet is an awesome song by PINK.

  7. Cazzie Says:

    Anyway, I am someone new who cares aboutcha, som pepp up Hunii 🙂

  8. huniii Says:

    thanks and welcome cazzie

    leave a link next time!

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