My Neighbours are CUNTS

nI just got off a phone call where I showed what a girl I am and cried and cried to Dickhead.

Dickhead seemed worried actually at the sound of my voice and demanded to know what was wrong. I dont think he would ever have guessed the answer.

The guys who live next door? They’re threatening me.

So now im sitting here, because I cant leave, because they are out there bitching. 2 grown men bitching like girls, and waiting for me to go outside.

I dont like it. Not one bit.

Renters SUCK

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7 Comments on “My Neighbours are CUNTS”

  1. coyotemike Says:

    Renters do SUCK! Big time. Because they don’t (can’t) own the property they live on, they usually keep it in shitty condition, whine when things aren’t perfect, and are very bitchy about their “rights.”

    It makes you wish you were an American, like me. Cuz then, you could choose to a) shoot them, b) run them over with your oversized SUV, or c) distract them easily with shiny objects.

  2. SurferCam Says:

    Shit Hun.
    What’s the go?
    After all these years (ok, 6 months), I’ve finally added you’re blog as a link on my site.

  3. Scorpy Says:

    I feel that we should be legally able to shoot our neighbours if we don’t like them, or they look at us funny or they breath the wrong way..the same should go for fuckwits that cut me off in traffic or just annoy me..the world would be a far better place 🙂

  4. huniii Says:

    they were the ones impinging on MY rights. I have been shutting up for months for the sake of peace and quiet, and not making a scene. However when they move their trailer so i cant open my garage door (its a tilt not a roller) and i ask them politely to move it “when they get around to it” and they have a tanty. Get a job, fuckwits. And dont threaten women who live alone, especially not in front of their children.

    I feel all warm and squishy inside.
    *awaits inevitable dirty comment*

    I say we need to breed them out of society. Lets corral them and send them to slaughter. You can help muster, right? I know these feral bogans are scarier than a big bull, but I know you ca do it! Its forthe good of HUMANITY scorps!
    PS – theres a ute 3 doors down with a sticker plastered across the back of his car. Instead of HOLDEN, FORD, or the obligatory KENWOOD advertising, he simply has “Just Shoot The Fuckers” Not sure who he is meaning (but based on the “australia, Love it or Leave” stickers and the like Im guessing lebbos) but if hes talking about my bogan neighbours im all for it

  5. coyotemike Says:

    I too have linked to you, but it is with my wordpress blog, as blogger sucks monkey arse.

  6. treespotter Says:

    drop stink bombs, then accuse them for leaky toilets.

    or snakes, snakes always work.

  7. huniii Says:

    no monkey arse breath around here thanks babe! lol You may not be in my sidebar but your in my blogline account. Im just a lazy biatch when it comes to blogrolling properly.

    We have enough snakes here already thankyou. last one i saw was a 5 and a half foot red-bellied black. was thicker than my wrist. and unlike a man estimating his penis size, thats actually the truth

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