Bowing to Pressure

Well not really, because I was going to spill the beans anyway, but im too lazy to think of good titles (as we all know). So here it is. The post about what happened on Sunday.

Remember that girl I liked? M&M? Well Bugalugs and I went to lunch with her, her partner (Mr M&M) and her daughter (Little M&M). We went to Westfields near them, as on the top level (which I now know exists – excited much) they have live music, decent restaurants, and this week a petting zoo, which the kids loved.

Lunch was great, lots of food (that I couldnt even manage half of) and great company and easy conversation. Little M&M took ages to get over her shyness, which she did eventually, whilst Bugalugs went about chatting up the waitress, managing to scam some free chokkies and marshmallows. LOL. That kid finds friends everywhere he goes!

We had such a good time, that we continued on to McDonalds for the kids to play, and as Dickhead was finally finished work, he met us there, and got to meet M&M and her family.

We had such a good time that we ended up each going home to deal with the kids, pets, family, etc, and all making their way to my house for drinks.

Dickhead wasnt sure if he could come, but sure enough half hour or so after M&M and Mr M&M arrived, he walked in. The boys drank the obligatory beers, M&M was into her bourbon, and me? Well being the intelligent responsible adult that I am, I took my meds.

And then washed them down with 2 bottles of sparkly.

As you do! So please forgive me for being a little less than sure of the exact details, and having no clue whatsoever of the timeline for things. I will admit to having slightly less concern as to the fact that we had company, and yet i was cuddled up next to Dickhead on the lounge opposite Mr & Mrs M&M, and may or may not have been reaching back to covertly play with Dickheads cock through his jeans.


In fact, it was less a covert operation as a blatantly obvious one, and I cant say I even really realised that perhaps having company might not be the most polite thing to do at the time. Truth be told i was also playing with Ms M&M’s legs with my toes. Oops.

11pm rolls around and the M&Ms have a 30 minute drive and a 5.00 start. Dickhead has a 50minute drive and a 5.30 start. They start saying they will have to finish their drinks and go. Dickhead suggests that I kiss her. I tell him I cant, that nothing will happen, that she told me earlier that she had her period, you know, as girls do – we bitch about it.

Dickhead turns to Ms M&M. Beckons. Asks her to kiss me. She does. Mmmm.

Thats it. Next thing I know Im engrossed in exploring her soft mouth with my tongue, caressing her face, stroking her hair. Not noticing the  rather pleased with himself Dickhead on my right, nor the more than slightly surprised Mr M&M on my left. Shes lovely. Shes kissing me, Im kissing her, her hands drifting over my back and my hips, gently holding my head as I melt in the moment. Completely out of my head, unable to really think, just living in the moment. I slowly move down to kiss and lick the swell of her breast, gently moving her shirt aside and taking her nipple into my mouth, making her inhale, and me happy.

Im not entirely sure how we got there, but soon enough I had Dickheads cock in my mouth and her hands all over me. Not very long after that, Mr M&M was in the same situation with his woman.

Like I said, I was very drunk, so i will have to include plenty of “cut to” moments. Because I really dont know how I got there. Im really not good at writing this stuff. Im good at living it, and playing it in my head, but they arent so much moments and pictures that stay in my mind, its how it felt that keeps the memories there. There was much seeking of reassurance and permission, seeing as previously Dickhead has had serious trouble dealing with me fucking other men whilst we had split up. He IS arab, and arabs DO have issues with ownership and jeleousy. The whole thing shocked me, that he started it, with Mr M&M there.

I know one of his favourite moments of the evening was watching me play with Ms M&M’s breasts, massaging one with my hand, holding the other to my mouth to lick and suck and her nipple, hearing her enjoying me, watching me enjoying her. And I was, I really was. He loved when I moved between his legs and took him in my mouth, moving her in to join me, sharing him, having her take him int o her mouth while I licked and sucked at his balls, moving upwards, tracing the length of him with my tongue, metting her mouth at the top, kissing her, sharing the taste of him, the feel of each other, breaking apart to take him again with out tongues, softly licking over him, watching each other, feeling each other, pleasing ourselves with his smoothness and firmness, the delicious contradictions, returning again to the softness of each other, hands and mouths exploring each other, until Dickhead was left behind, not forgotten, but put aside while we immersed ourselves in each other.

Kissing and caressing, being gently pushed backwards until I was laying on the floor, Dickhead in my right hand, Mr M&M in my left, kissing and sucking one, then the other, while Ms M&M settled herself between my thighs, ever so softly and gently exploring me with her tongue, her lips, and her slow, gentle fingers. Softly and slowly, the warmth and wetness from her tongue relaxing, soothing, bringing out my warmth and wetness to join hers, making my body undulate with her ministrations, soft sounds unable to be contained, brought from my mouth to the boys ears, their reactions encouraging me to share my pleasure with them in turns.

Leaning forwards with Dickhead in my mouth (see what I mean about loving to suck cock?) massaging his length with my tongue, stroking him and caressing his balls in my hands as i re-aquainted my tongue with every inch of him, hands and fingers between my legs, firm masculine pressure inside of me, soft feminine pressure outside, sometimes melding so I could no longer tell who was who, working me up, making me more and more intent and intense with pleasuring my man, while Ms M&M and her man pleasured me.

Ms M&M taking Dickhead into her mouth, Mr M&M kissing me, both of us kneeling, entwined with one another, his fingers incessantly searching inside of me, kissing me, kissing him, kissing me, releasing my lips as i moved down, taking him in to my mouth, feeling the differences of him to my man, the similarities, learning how he feels, what he responds to, how he feels on my tongue.

Ms M&M moving Dickhead, encouraging, asking him to take me, reclining with her man to watch as he did as she requested, settling himself on top of me,  entering me as I stroked his cheek, pulling him in to kiss me, my other hand smoothing over his ass, familiarising with his tempo, as Mr M&M’s hand carressed Ms M&Ms breasts.





There is, as always, plenty Im not saying here, and I wont. Some things I think are better for not saying them, by keeping them private, its somehow more special, more intimate.

Theres also alot i was just quite simply too drunk to know, or remember, or be able to explain.

I must say im glad that Dickhead and I have a strong enough relationship for me to be able to ask “babe, you were fingering me at one stage there, right?” and know he wouldnt be offended that i wasnt able to tell if it was him or not. (for the record, i was pretty sure, and I was right). And you have to be glad when you can say to your partner when he asks what you wanted to know about that night is “who was it that was fingering my arse?” and not have him freak out. His biggest concern about that was whether or not i liked it. (and for the record it wasnt him)

Dickhead and I have our problems as a couple. We have our problems as individuals too. What we have is fucked up, its not normal, its not right, and it never will be.


What we have is special. Nobody reading this will understand just how special, because there are 3 vital bits of information that I will not reveal. But for us to be strong enough to do this, considering those 3 things? Well, it leaves me speachless.

I know! I never thought Id say that either!

So babe, if you read this? That things thats such a big deal to me? It may be big in a bad way, but this is even bigger, and in a good one.

I guess it just reminds me that i, you know, like you and shit.


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4 Comments on “Bowing to Pressure”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You know who I am from my email address. If he is happy to let you play with others, I’ve got a toy for you right here. You know you want to. You know mines better. Call me, gorgeous. I’m waiting. He doesnt treat you right. I will. You know I will.

  2. SurferCam Says:

    …. ummm…. welll… yes…. off for a cold shower now….

  3. M&M Says:

    im interested to know who posted the anonymous comment…..hmmm
    well here i am the female part of m&m, I couldnt have put the night into words but holy shit you summed it up perfectly hun, we should play again soon so you have more to publish and i can read and get a big head about hehe.

  4. huniii Says:

    Anonymous who isnt so anonymous
    you know that isnt going to happen. You know why. I love you babe, but not like that. I love DICKHEAD like that. Putting this here to stir trouble didnt work. You wont ever fill the place i hold for him, but he will never fill the place that belongs to you either. I love you babe, but dont.

    dont blame me babe – you asked for it. Its all yours and steph’s fault.

    Ms M&M
    of course! the only reason your around is blog fodder for me! lol. You could never have as big a head as me – remember my comment? “nah, that couldnt be it” LMAO

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