Ive Been Preoccupied

Lately, my mind has been fairly distracted. Actually, very distracted.


Thats right. And I’ll admit it, Im crushing on them, and more than just a teeny little bit.

Someone who has the best sense of humour, who is contantly cracking me up, and who absolutely loves my jokes too.

Someone who understands alot of what makes me tick, because thats what controls them too.

Someone who gets excited to see me, who loves it when I call, and whose attention is lavished on me, making me just as giddy as they are.

Someone who I find attractive, and thinks I am too.

Someone who is alot like me, and very well embodies the things that make up my “type”.

Someone who gets my juices flowing, and who gets aroused by the thought of me too.

Yes, Dickhead knows who this person is, and, well, in fact, he has actively encouraged this little crush of mine. Hes actually been quite the cheerleader in trying to get me and my crush together to live out our fantasies. Yes, these would be mutual fantasies that we have talked about. Sometimes at length.

Some of them this crush of mine has sent me porn that shows exactly what these fantasies involve…..

So if i seem a little, umm, preoccupied…… then its because of her. The very special young lady who has well and truly caught my eye. Who shall now be known as M&M

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2 Comments on “Ive Been Preoccupied”

  1. steph Says:

    You goin Lezzo on us now?

  2. huniii Says:

    wash your mouth out!


    you really scared me with that! and anyways, you should remember from comments of old on your blog that i like to walk on the other side from time to time….

    or at least you WOULD remember if you loved me… sniff.

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