A Letter To A Friend (that Austpost CANT lose)

Dear Aurelius

I know that this is an awfully public place to air personal feelings, however it isnt the first time ive made our friendship public, and I know you dont disapprove.

You are one of my long distance friends, and yet still one of my best ones. There are plenty of different types of best friends that I have, and I could never say one was better than another. All I can say is that lately your star has shone very brightly in my sky.

I want to do something to say thankyou, which is why im writing this here. A public HOORAY!! for Aurs. Yes I know you hate that abbreviation, and yes I continue to use it anyway. *grin*

So for those of you reading this, let me tell you the sort of friend Aurs is, how good he is, even though our relationship is almost entirely conducted online.

Aurs is someone I can send an email to at work, in the middle of the day saying “LOVE ME!!” and have him respond simply “I always do” and follow it with some line of god knows whatthat makes me smile and giggle and forget whatever i feel bad about. Or he will let me drone on and on about the latest installation of “the Honey Saga” and whatever has most recently turned to crap in my life.

When feeling low, I can guarantee that when I send an email such as
Subject: Im lonely
Body: be my friend?

He responds: As always.
I have been wondering what you were up to.

And in the middle of a conversation where im feeling sad and sorry for myself and being a whiny little pig:

You know, the way we’ve become such good friends in the last year or so,it’s just as well you’re dying
Or I’d have the hugest crush on you

(and for those of you wondering, my response was “thats coz im teh hawtness”) *smirk*

Aurs is always there when I need someone to bitch to. He bitches along with me. Today he told me how much of a TURD Dickhead is. When I love DH, he lovess him. When I hate him, he hates him. All emo teenage girls like me know how important it is to have someone agree that the guy you like/parent/sibling/friend/teacher is a turd. Or to bitch about their own turdish girl they like/girl they dont like/ex housemates/coworkers/girl at hungry jacks.

I love that you let me into your world in a way that most others dont get to, and that you let me bring you into mine in the same way.

I love that you dont judge me, or what I do, and simply accept that I did it, and let me do the same with you. That we can tell each other the things we arent proud of, and not have to defend or justify ourselves, simply air it, seek advice, and move on, all the better for it.

I love that we can call at inconvenient times, tell the other to go away, and have no bad feelings.

I love that we can give each other advice on that particular subject, knowing that in reality, we are advising ourselves.

I love that the fact that we ignore the advice, and do exactly what we know we shouldnt, that there will never be an “i told you so” because you just dont say it to yourself.

I love that we can completely disagree on an issue and debate it at length and walk away, sometimes saying “hmmm, thats something to think about” and other times  “what a fuckwit” yet neither response changes a thing about our opinion of the other.

In fact, I love that neither of us HAVE an opinon on the other to start with. Your just you. Im just me. End of opinion.

I love that we are so the same.

I love that we are so different.

But most of all, I love that you are my friend.

xx Honey

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3 Comments on “A Letter To A Friend (that Austpost CANT lose)”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    For those poor readers who have never met Honey, let me assure you – she is the hawtness!

  2. steph Says:

    That was so fucking sweet!! Ain’t it grand to have a friend like that!

  3. huniii Says:

    Damn straight!

    It truly is. And its the one and only time your gunna see this little monkey being so nice, so dont get used to it, mkay?

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