There are no words….

THIS is just freakin awesome

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4 Comments on “There are no words….”

  1. SurferCam Says:

    way WAY too much time on their hands….

  2. Scorpy Says:

    Someone just sent it to me also…This guy and his crew have waaaay to much time on their drunken hands LOL

  3. steph Says:

    WTF? I don’t get it. Were we supposed to read the blog or be in awe of the little pop up window thingy. Spell it out for me bitches!!

  4. huniii Says:

    bwah hah ha hah!
    Stephs gets first response because of her 1337 retardedness skillz!
    Darln, the popup window thingy is on ALL wordpress blogs. you should know im not that clever! Click on the link and check the cake and lollies that make the battle scene in lord of the rings – thats my kinda geek (if there is such a thing as cool geekyness)

    beats debating Kirk vs Picard

    theres no way they were drunk, or itd be gummy dominos, not art!

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