Weird Txt Messages #85126

So last night as i lay sweating in bed (alone unfortunately) and reading (which I’ll come back to) Aurelius sends me a sms.

“I understand you a bit better”

So after calling to find out what the fuck he was on about, turns out he went to see BLOOD DIAMOND and had just come out of the screening.  

This is the fourth movie I have asked Dickhead to take me to see, after TOKYO DRIFT, TSOTSI, and THE CHILD (french thing it seems noone has heard of). Hes actually promised to take me to see it next week, so we’ll see, eh? (and yes people, I know I wanted to go see BORAT but well, its not one I want to see with him, rather my bestie is a much better choice of companion for that)

Aurelius is now the fifth person whose opinion matters a damn to me who has told me how good a movie this is. Id shown some interest after seeing the previews (despite Leo being in it and in particular his abysmal attempt at a south african accent) and was pleased to note the inclusion of Djimon Hounsou (whom Aurs has a love affair with too)

So according to Aurs, the film is very african (big surprise considering its set in Sierre Leone and on the subject of conflict diamonds), and although he couldnt explain himself too much then and there, he said the movie “says a lot of things you’ve been telling me”

His comments just make me want to see it more. Hurry up Dickhead!

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4 Comments on “Weird Txt Messages #85126”

  1. Scorpy Says:

    Sorry…but I couldn’t watch anything with Leo in it….he ranks up there beside Nick Cage as the ‘actors’ (and I use that term loosley) that I love to hate and NOT watch 🙂

  2. steph Says:

    Yup, what Scorps says. I fecking loathe and detest Leo, almost as much as Tom Cruise.

  3. huniii Says:

    Its a sacrifice im willing to make for djimon. But ive already warned Dickhead that I will spend the whole time laughing at his abysmal accent

    My bestie thinks he’s hawt. Everytime she says that i slap her. Its not really working, but makes me feel better

  4. Aurelius Says:

    Anyone who wont see Blood Diamond because they don’t like Di Caprio is to be pitied.

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