Speaking of complete fuckwits…

I found THIS guy a while ago. Oh what a trainwreck! At first I wasnt sure what to make of him, and by reading his early posts you will see why.

Still, theres some comedy GOLD to be found in there, no, seriously.

Just dont piss off his ghost writer, talented as he/she/it is.

Im allowed to pick on others 1337 writing skillz! Firstly coz its my blog and i said i could so nah nah, and secondly because i know i suck at spellin n grammer n shit (although i like totally excel at putting coherant sentences together and i articulate so goodly). I never denied i suck. I think i may have even advertised it once or twice…. pfft who cares, he made me laugh and i could do with all the laughs i get

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