Please! Wont somebody think of the children?

THIS guy did. Thank the lord. sigh. religious people are so amusing sometimes.

I actually found out about this guy from another wordpress blog, but i have forgotten who it was. If its you and you managed to stumble accross this post, leave a link – you were a funny bastard!

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2 Comments on “Please! Wont somebody think of the children?”

  1. saltlight Says:

    Potty Mouth…. Thanks for the link though…. 🙂

  2. huniii Says:

    Holy fuck, you think I have a potty mouth from reading this one and only post? Mate, dont read any others, youll give yourself a heart attack.

    And the link was taking the piss out of you. Seriously.

    The funny bastard that I was referring to was the author of the blog I read that was ALSO hanging shit on your post, not you.

    And any extra traffic you got? They werent converts, they were spectators.

    Potty mouth? at least when I abuse you I do it on my OWN blog, not yours. Id suggest you show some respect, but by the post I linked to above, your idea of the meaning of that word is somewhat askew

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