Naughty Wikipedia

Why had no-one told me of the joys of Wiki After Dark?

After many a rewarding stint of coming across – shock! horror! amazement! – a wiki article that made me laugh, and having been sent a bazillion emails with links to amusing pages/subjects etc, why then had no-one told me sooner of this norti version?

Did you all assume me smart enough to know of it already?


Let me just say, that clicking on “random article” provided many moments of histerical laughter by me this morning, and what better way to while away the hours spent in a boring hospital than laughing at advice such as this on felching: 

“Using the lips (with help from the tongue) or even a straw begin sucking the semen out of the orifice. If you find this difficult, your partner can always attempt to help push the semen out using either the PC muscle or attempting to force the semen out of their anus (be careful with this one). ”

Im so glad the author warned me. I mean, up until that point i never for a moment suspected there could possibly be an “ew” factor involved in sucking semen out of my partners asshole.

Thank the lord for wiki, we heart thee so

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2 Comments on “Naughty Wikipedia”

  1. Scorpy Says:

    hey…this was the first pick on the Australian Index tonight 🙂

  2. huniii Says:

    Does that make me popular or lucky?

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