Im sure your all pissed to know Im still not dead yet

So ive been really unwell lately, hense the lack of blogging and commenting.

I know its really poor form to blog to say youll blog soon, but i didnt want people to start getting anxious. Just quietly, between you and i (and the entire interwebs) if i do meet my demise unexpectedly early, you will be notified, mkay?

So for now, theres no “oh my god! they killed kenny!”


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12 Comments on “Im sure your all pissed to know Im still not dead yet”

  1. Indiana Says:

    Phew…was a bit worried until you commented this AM on my blog…it was liek the Christmas episode where “OMG they killed Kenny”…”Oh no they didn’t”

    Glad you are still with us and creating scandal wherever you go (or at least i hope you are) ~grin~

  2. SurferCam Says:

    Glad you’re still with us!
    Keep on going Hun.

  3. huniii Says:

    of course im creating scandals!

    I always do hun, its you men who slow me down

  4. SurferCam Says:

    Speaking of you and men, did we ever get to hear more about that 3-some you had?

  5. SurferCam Says:

    Hey Hun.
    I just found the post dedicated to me back in Decemeber.
    Aww thanks! I feel honoured!
    By the way, the pic of Pammy was actually a google ad.
    Notice her boobs make the “oo” in the middle of “google”…

  6. audrey Says:

    O I am glad Hunii. I was thinking about you the other day and feeling sad. I told my ma about you and she wanted me to pass on her best wishes. xoxo

  7. steph Says:

    Thank fuck for that! Keep on kickin Miss Huniii, We needs ya.

  8. huniii Says:

    nice to see you answer your own comment for me! im such a lazy bitch nowadays i make my commenters do their own responses! and yes, i noticed the boobie-O’s

    Ms Apple
    Funny, usually people think of me and either laugh or shake their heads…… thank you ma, and tell her she has mine too, fat lotta good they did me, maybe she can use em, eh?

    There is much to be thankful for when fucks are involved….. and yes thanks I do remember the saying “the world needs a clown”. Well they fucking found a big one in me, huh? Never fear, young grasshopper, although your retardedness is progressing nicely, there is much I have still to show you!

    As soon as Im up to it i promise to regail you all with tales of my fucked-up-ed-ness

  9. miss_sweets Says:

    very very glad! Thinking of you (in a non-stalker yet-blog-co-love kind of way, if you know what I mean). xxx

  10. sm Says:

    Hey, I’m not too far away! xxx

  11. huniii Says:

    2 verys? phwoar! lucky me! and are you sure thats not the same as a i-only-gave-him -a-bj-and-let-him-fuck-my-arse-so-im-still-a-virgin kind of way?

    really? “marco!”………..

    keep your bowel movements to yourself babe! lol

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