Tuesday Sighs

Spent the day with Dickhead. Shopping for rims while his car was getting the fucked up job on the stereo install fixed. Stupid retards couldnt do what they were told, could they. sigh.

Went upstairs at tempe and nearly collapsed for not being able to breathe in their stuffy showroom. sigh.

Went to collect Dickheads car, stopping at a servo for Bugalugs to pee, and reversed my new car into a van with a bullbar. With Dickhead in the car to see it. sigh.

Put in some misc speakers that i had stored from other cars that had been sold. They didnt work. sigh.

Was over tired (only got back from the berra at 9.41pm the night before) and had been feeling ill since the tempe incident. Got into an argument with Dickhead. sigh.

Ended up not being able to sleep, so cleaned the house till 11.30pm even though i had a massive headache from being tired and sick. sigh.

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