Happy New Year (& all that crap)

So excuse me if im feeling gloomy. Its not fun watching everyone make resolutions, decisions, changes and predictions for a year your not going to see much of.

Actually, it bites ass big time.

I keep going to do stuff coz its the new year and thats what you do, then i realise its pointless, probably a waste of my time, dont do it, feel bad for not doing it, and well, generally just get grumpy.

But anyhooooooo

NYE Bugalugs and I drove down to Canberra to visit with Imelda (yes of the shoe diva blogging fame) for NYE. Bugalugs and Imeldas Little Dude had an awesome time playing. I managed to not get booked (thank the lord that the copper with the hand held radar chose that EXACT moment that I drove round the bend to put it down and stretch!) Imelda’s man came with us to dinner, the kids got to eat in a tram, and we all headed over to one of her gay-boy’s houses for drinks.

The kids had a blast playing with the grown ups (none of whom had little kids so they had energy and interest – something mums usually lack by 10pm lol) They played wrestling and fed one of the grown ups to the boogie-man in the back corner of the garden.

12 o’clock passed for me without even noticing. Imeldas man took me out for a spin in his spiffy new sports car, letting me drive. His “rule” aparently was that i had to “fang it hard”. BWAH HAH HAH!!! Honey likey!

Actually, he was a pretty cool guy, not just the car!

So Imelda and I managed to catch up, telling stories of what we’d been up to, what we are planning to do, just generally updating properly on each of our lives, and lives of the little ones. Oh, and tales of debauchery abounded of course, and Imelda HAD to include the one about Dickhead sending her the home made porn photos of me and dickhead together. Sheesh. What an introduction to someone, huh! LOL

So She drove us around to see the sights of canberra – all two of them – and we played tourist for a bit with the kids. Bugalugs thought it was cool, but he loved the big Merino on our way back to Sydney. Kids huh.

I called Aurs to catch up before I left, but hed already flown home. Oops.

meh, im so grumpus even this post is flat.

it was actually a really good time.

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One Comment on “Happy New Year (& all that crap)”

  1. Imelda Says:

    Hey Hon,

    Glad you and Bugalugs had a good time. The Little Dude is still talking about how much fun he had with Bugs. Sorry you couldn’t make it down again for Summernats – I know you were looking forward to that. Hugs from all 3 of us to you guys.

    Im xxx

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