Honey is a Kick Arse Girlfriend Reason #45873


After the whole getting hime new tyres thing, yesterday Dickhead came up early and I took him down to get his amp installed. Fuck I really hate that task. Im happy to do the rest, I just hate pulling out the deck, and running the wiring all the way through the car, front to rear. Actually, running the wiring is easy, its taking off and refitting the interior trims that I hate.

So while his car was in being done, I thought we could go and look around at a few different brands and types of speakers, letting him hear the differences and choose his own preference. Even though he always says he’ll take my advice (coz im smarter than him on this), Id rather that we set it up how HE likes it. It being his car and all.

So with a small amount of time before I had to collect bugalugs, and me having to go home to take my meds coz i forgot, teh hanky panky was pretty much a given, right?

I forget just how the conversation came around, but mid BJ (why is it honey is always doing this? coz she LIKES it dammit! so can all the females reading this who feel the urge to ask me why im always blowing my man please STOP. I dont see it as a ‘job’. I love it just as much as he does – JUST FUCKING DEAL WITH THAT OK?) we got on to the fact that the random friend who came with FISH for that threesome recently had called asking for more. Particularly another BJ, which he really enjoyed. I had turned him down, citing not wanting to cause an bad feelings between him and FISH. I thought that was a knockback without the rejection thing and i ws being nice. But then he called again. This time he offered me money when I refused him. The amounts kept rising and rising FAST. At $500 I hung up on him. So as Im explaining the situation to DH with my mouth wrapped round him (see, we ARE bizarre) he asked if I was tempted.


Did my man just call me a whore? While I was sucking him off? Christ Almighty!

I guess thats another reason why he has, as he puts it, “balls of steel”. LMAO

By the end of the day, smart arsed comments had amounted to me being a whore, stupid, and into beastiality, unable to park the car, and about 8 occasions of my jaw dropping at the audacity this man has.

And before you all go lecturing me, no, he never meant any of it seriously. Im just as mean to him. Were mucking around. We enjoy the mental jousting. If he stings a little to hard, he makes sure I know he isnt serious, and he doesnt do it again.

Perhaps I was over sensitive. My besty asked why I didnt take the $500 coz its something I really like doing, and would have done for free. She is struggling this month to make her mortgage repayment, and said she would have accepted that much money. I cant though. I dont think any less of prostitutes, I just couldnt do it myself.

Maybe too it had to do with searching for 2 1/2 days to find the meaning of GAHBA. It means slut. Its what I was called when I turned down a guy who had been on the chase. Dickhead and I are fixing things. I want him. He wants me. We dont want anyone else (except maybe a plaything for a threesome LOL). Ionly saw other guys because I couldnt have Dickhead. Of course I was going to turn him down. I told him my man and I were back together. He knew Dickhead had my heart and I didnt want a relationship just a fuck, so whats his problem? Why get so angry?

And why is it that when you refuse a man, so many turn around and immediately call you a slut?

What does it say about YOU then retard? Im a slut and i STILL wont fuck you? Wow. You must REALLY be bad then.


Why is it that sticks and stones thrown by randoms and strangers can still get to you? They dont break bones, but its still no picnic.

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