2006: A year in review

What can I say? It was a shit year. I dont really know what to say about it without bringing myself down.  I guess point form will do. Its mostly in the archives anyway.

  • Bugalugs Starts School
  • Dickhead and I get somewhat serious (or more serious. I dunno. Whatever LOL)
  • Bugalugs nearly gets suspended – more than once – in fucking KINDY FFS
  • I wrote off my daily car
  • I got a car for my bday
  • Lexus almost writes off my bday car
  • Lexus moves back to greece
  • Azz moves to melbourne
  • Quite a few very close friends pass away, such as Frog, Llama, Grant, Ness, G4D, Bear, and plenty of others. And family members such as ouma and my favourite cousin, amoungst others.
  • I was attacked in my own home, at the instigation of one of my (no longer) closest friends.
  • The whole Cancer thing
  • I bought a new daily car
  • My bestie had her third son
  • I completely changed my business around
  • I was ripped off by three clients and one employee
  • I met a bunch of new cool people
  • I hate a song written especially for me
  • Close friends had many personal tragedies that hit me hard too. I wont put them here because its not my place, but suffice to say not only did it hurt me to see them hurt, but many of them hurt me too, just not to the extent of others.

Hmmm, hopefully I will think of more happy things to add to this. But then again, maybe not. Id say next year will be better, but I know it wont. LOL. I guess you cant be dissapointed at least, huh!

Actually this whole cancer thing has changed quite a few things with me. Ill leave you with the back story to Aurelius’ recent comment about the xmas tree as an illustration.

I have been trying very hard to see things in a positive light. There has to be good bits right? Otherwise I honestly think Id go mental. I do this alot when i hit the hard bits in life. Eg: when living with my bestie and quite young and stupid, a situation of our own doing resulting in me being raped. Within just a couple of hours I was making jokes and cracking her up, so that i could deal with it myself, and make her feel better about her part in it happening, and how she felt bad not being able to have prevented it. I made her feel guilty for laughing then! lol

So I hate decorating xmas tress, and pulling all the shit out. Even more than that, I hate putting it all away. So I mentioned to Aurs, that this year, its all good. Why? Because I can just throw it all in the bin! No packing away! YAY! Its not like im going to need it next year, right?


You know your laughing, its funny, go ahead. Everyone needs to stop being such sad sacks around me. Its happening. You cant change it. I cant. No-one can. Just deal with it, accept it, and enjoy what there is. Theres plenty of time later to be sad. Dont fuck up what little good there is by being sad. Find the good stuff, and take it. Otherwise I may as well just shoot myself now and be done with it.

Oh yes, Aurs rather liked the story I told him of the client who owes me money, and has taken an AVO against me (for harrassment) because I kept asking for MY money. Fucking Lebs. So now I cant even serve him with a summons to take him to court to get my money. Little Fucker. Advice from the courthouse was that its only an interim order until it can be heard by a judge and a proper AVO granted, or dismissed. Well thats great says me, but I cant wait that long. The court officer said I shouldnt worry, if what id told him was the truth, the order would be thrown out for sure. He said to just be patient and wait, and it would all be good. No it wont says me. Ill be dead by then. I explained the situation to him in his confused silence. The look on his face was CLASSIC.

I guess thats 1 nil to the lebs then huh?

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