Seeing as Im too Tired to Blog..

I will come back to today,a s it has been eventful.

My sister has shown signs of improvement. Its early days yet, but the swelling in her head is subsiding. The next 24-48hrs should give us more answers. Im not saying more just yet. No jinxing please.

The medication im on is causing worse and worse side effects. Im not looking too sick most of the time, which is good. Those who dont know me often cant pick anythings up, and those that know me well say i look tired/worn out/a bit off. However, you can tell the time by when I feel queasy, and can set your watch by my vomiting. Im also enourmously tired and moody and short tempered. But the worst so far is my brain. Its gone all blonde. I keep mixing up words, saying the wrong thing, forgetting words, forgetting where I am/what im doing, my memory is shot to hell. I cant manage in depth conversations. I cannot articulate well. I get muddled up. And i cant think of things I should know. I also listen to people talking but the words wont go in. At lunch with Dickhead today he was telling me a story. he must have gone through it 6-8 times, and even though I was trying REALLY TRYING to follow, I couldnt. I asked questions, but still, it wouldnt go in. I hope I didnt frustrate him. I certainly frustrated myself. In the end, he commented that I just wasnt getting it, and he gave up.

It scared the fuck out of me. I dont want to be like that. I dont want to lose myself, and thats exactly whats happening.

So ill leave you all with 2 things – firstly a promise of a good story to rival the WTF BJ Moment of 2006……. and secondly the SMS i sent Dickhead shortly after he left. (the poor baby loves his sunnies)


DHs sunnies

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2 Comments on “Seeing as Im too Tired to Blog..”

  1. miss_sweets Says:

    god, so sorry to hear about the news. positive thoughts x 10000000 for your sis!!
    i like the pics – as for the below entry re: dickhead & tyres/wheels/things I dont understand (ie: cars in general) – you totally are a kick arse g/f – hope he appreciates it all!!

  2. huniii Says:

    Thx sweets
    He better! lol or his balls are MINE

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