Getting very tired now, and ive written like a bazillion posts today (it helps me remember things – my memory is shot).

Aurelius has been in ‘Rome’ holidaying with his son ‘Lucius’, (Im using his blog pseudonyms out of respect and continuity) and his ex wife “Caurelia’. At Aurs’ suggestion, we caught up and took the kids out for the day. We went to the Maritime Museum’s PIRATE exhibit. What a fucking awesome idea that is.




The boys had a blast, and I loved meeting Caurelia who is a lovely lady, and Lucius is a great kid. Much like his dad, Lucius is intelligent, questioning, and more than a tad bizarre. In the good way. They god on really will, as 6 & 8 yr old boys do, being disgusting and loud as they are want to do. It was quite good to catch up and just hang out with Aurs. We spent alot of time chatting in the cafe on the waterfront while poor Caurelia followed the kids around keeping them somewhat under control in the museum and on board the vessels moored outside.

Aurs also took the kids on board HMAS Vampire and HMAS Onslow, but dipped out of the Endeavour replica. Personally, I was grateful for not having to go on board ANY of them! Its the LAST thing i need on my queasy stomach. LOL. I think they were quite happy with me not throwing up in their car on the way home!

It was a fantastic exhibition, and an awesome day out. Thankyou Aurs, Caurelia and Lucius. Bugalugs and I enjoyed ourselves, and I hope you did too.

 anmm pirates 

Oh and Aurs, thankyou for the hug. And hopefully I can get another out of you in Rome this weekend if were still down your way.

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2 Comments on “Thursday”

  1. Aurelius Says:

    Twas a lovely day out – just what I planned. And I found an easy way back from your place to Rome – that Northern Road is a lovely drive through the countryside – who’d have suspected Mos Eisley would be hiding countryside in its outskirts. We had a hell of a time finding KFC on the way back though (Lucius demanded we have it once we were on the freeway to Rome). Caerulia loved meeting you. And we loved your idea about throwing out the Xmas tree 😛
    – Aurs (god, I hate that abbreviation!)

  2. huniii Says:

    tough shit im using it! lol
    and Bugalugs calls that route “the stinky cow way”

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