Christmas Day

So Santa came and brought about half a fucking toy shop to my house. Bugalugs was ecstatic. I was less so. I got to bed at 3.34am and was up again at 5.38. TIRED MUCH.

It was awesome though to see the little fella so excited and happy. He got so much lego, and pirate stuff, and pirate lego stuff! He was rapt.

After much bitching and complaining on my part, all the stickers were finally on, and the lego finally put together, and we headed off for Xmas lunch at my aunts house.

Yes, you counted correctly. Thats 3 yes THREE xmas meals i have been at least half responsible for preparing. sigh. keep countin chookens! but wait, theres more!

So after a couple of hours with my dads side of the family chatting and catching up, with a tummy full of lunch, i whisked off 2 suburbs away to cook Xmas dinner #4 for my grandfather whom i care for. Its tradition for my boys to head out at this time and keep him company (with a few bottles of chivers regal). They serve him dinner (and partake in it too) whilst I head back to my aunts and catch up with the late arrivals. Then my tea-totalling-mucho-christian aunt/uncle/cousin (whoevers car is easiest to move) will drive a much intoxicated Honey back to my grandparents to finish off with supper and go home with the designated driver out of my boys. Usually this was G4D (before he passed) mostly because he was so fucking short and skinny and was just quite simply out muscled.

My very christian cousin #2 has her first real boyfriend. This was undoubtably the shock of the year. I was rather curious as toi what 21yr old boy would be considered acceptable by my aunt and uncle to date their 19yr old second born daughter. Then I met him. Hes a chaplain. (ie trainee minister) says it all really. he kissed her goodnight ON HER FOREHEAD. sigh. at 19 i was knocked up for fucks sake. Committed Christians. Always good for a laugh. Their so cute, in a circus freak kind of way.

No seriously, I love this aunt and uncle. Their eldest daughter is a self important know it all, but the others are really really lovely people. My aunt fussed and fussed over what to do so dickhead could come (which he couldnt – probably a good thing for VARIOUS reasons). She also apologised for any offence caused by part of her present to Bugalugs. One of the books she bought him was a collection of christian stories. ONE Dickhead would never mind. Hes muslim, were predominately christian, end of story. He accepts that fact quite happily. TWO even if he didnt, if he was offended by that he could go get fucked, end of story. LOL. But you can see how lovely she is. They never ram their convictions down your throat. For gods sake, I swear like a trouper and am an unmarried mum. She loves me like any othr neice, and actually, just quietly, im her favourite! GRIN!

 xmas tree 2006

Doesnt Bugalugs do a great job of decorating a Christmas Tree?

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